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The weather today was indeed good.

Su Rui teased Su Qing throughout the journey, while Su Lu watched them in amusement.

Su Qings eyes finally lit up with joy when she entered this familiar venue.

She felt the light breeze on her, and her mood was uplifted.

However, she wore a mask, not wanting others to see her face.

Su Lu looked at her and said, “Take off your mask.

Isnt it stifling to keep wearing it”

Su Qing thought for a moment, then obediently took off her mask.

“Let me tell you, I lost to an unknown woman on that track that day!” Su Rui pointed at a track that was some distance away and said to Su Qing, “I really didnt expect to lose.

The odds were 1:7 that day, so I also lost a lot of money.”

As he spoke, he looked a little upset.

When Su Lu saw this, he chuckled softly.

“There are still times when you lose too”

Su Qing smiled lightly, but didnt comment on it.

“Lets not talk about it anymore.

I dont know where Qingbao found this expert.

I cornered Sang Ning a few times, but I didnt expect him to be so stubborn.

He refused to say who that woman was.” Su Rui was still a little angry as he recalled his encounters with Sang Ning.

Su Qing chuckled.

She didnt expect Sang Ning to be so tight-lipped.

Su Rui looked at the smile on Su Qings face and continued, “Its good that youre smiling.

I didnt waste my time telling you my embarrassing results to coax you.”

Su Qing looked at him and smiled.

“Second Brother, is losing a race really that embarrassing”

Su Rui smiled, and he appeared even more charming.

“Of course! I rarely lose.”

“Losing to me isnt an embarrassing thing,” Su Qing said softly.

Su Lu looked at her curiously.

“What did you say I didnt hear you.”


The atmosphere was very good, and Su Qing felt very comfortable.

However, it only lasted until Huo Qi appeared.

“What a coincidence,” Huo Qi said as he stood behind Su Qing.

Huo Feng pursed his lips.

This wasnt a coincidence.

His young master had sent someone to keep an eye on the Su residence for the entire day.

Su Qing turned around to look at him.

“Why are you here”

Huo Qi smiled gently.

“Its fate.

Why are you here too Are you here to race”

However, when he saw the red marks on Su Qings face, the smile on his face disappeared.

“Who hit you”

His eyes narrowed.

“Were you bullied in the Su family”

Su Rui looked at Huo Qi and felt inexplicably uncomfortable.

“Who are you Its none of your business.”

Huo Feng coughed lightly and said, “Hello, Second Young Master Su and Third Young Master Su.

This is our Young Master, Miss Sus fiancé, Huo Qi.”

Su Qing frowned when she heard Huo Fengs words.

“Youre Huo Qi” Su Rui said as he observed this devilishly handsome man.

“Tell your subordinate to watch his mouth.

Su Qings engagement to you has been canceled.”

Huo Qi looked at Su Qings bruised face and felt his heart aching.

He was even a little angry.

“Really But I asked the elders at home, and they said that the marriage should continue.

I was still thinking of visiting soon to discuss the engagement party arrangements.”

“Stop this.

Who agreed to get engaged to you” Su Qing looked at Huo Qi and retorted.

Su Lu looked at him.

“Youre just talking about the elders of the Huo family.

This marriage is a matter between the two families, and it cant be carried out simply based on your wishes.”

Huo Qi smiled lightly and said to Su Qing, “Youll agree to it sooner or later.”


Su Qing looked at him.

His face was full of smiles, as though he didnt care that they didnt welcome him.

Su Qing glared at this narcissistic old man and didnt want to speak to him anymore.


“What happened to your face” Huo Qi asked again.

Su Qing was irritated.

“Why do you care Its none of your business!”

Huo Qi looked at her with a smile.

If one looked closely, they would notice the genuine concern in his eyes.

“Im just asking, is there a problem with caring for your fiancée”

What a nuisance.

Su Rui pulled Su Qings hand.

“Lets go down and drive a few rounds.

Well excuse ourselves now, Mr.


Su Rui had made it clear that they didnt want Huo Qi around.

If it was an ordinary person, they would have tactfully walked away.

However, Huo Qi was no ordinary person.

“Thats perfect.

I want to do two laps too.

Why dont we compete” he said.

Su Rui looked at him and laughed, as though he had heard a funny joke.

Was this a declaration of war

“Ill compete with you,” Su Qing said to Huo Qi.



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