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At the Huo residence.

Old Master Huo took a sip of tea and looked at Huo Qi, who was sitting at the side, seemingly deep in thought.

He said slowly, “This is your own matter, so you can just make the decision.

Why did you come over to ask me”

Hou Qi smiled faintly and said, “I havent seen you in a long time, so I came to visit you.”

Huo Jue looked at him.

“Does it mean that you like the young lady from the Su family”

Huo Qi looked at his father and smiled without saying anything.

He couldnt say that he liked that woman, but he found her interesting.

When he thought of her cold and arrogant expression, the smile on his lips became even more genuine.

Huo Jue and the old man exchanged a look.

Now, this was going somewhere.

They had never seen Huo Qi interested in any girl all these years.

It wasnt impossible for them to continue with the arranged marriage with the Su family.

After all, this could be considered a collaboration between the two prominent families, so there was no harm in it.

Huo Feng didnt expect his young master to really follow the old mans wishes.

He thought that was Huo Qis way of stalling the elders.

Huo Qi understood his grandfather and fathers attitude.

When he left the old mansion, he was in a good mood.

Huo Feng looked at him and asked, “Young Master, what should we do next”

“Theres no hurry.

We can take our time,” he said as he gently rubbed his hands.

“Lets start by preparing the gifts for the Su family first.”

Huo Feng was puzzled.

“Huh What gifts”

Huo Qi glanced at him.

“Naturally, the betrothal gifts.”

Huo Feng was stunned.

“Alright, Young Master.”

Huo Qi couldnt wait to see Su Qings exasperated expression.

How should he put it He was really looking forward to their next meeting.

The atmosphere in the Su residence wasnt as harmonious as the Huo family.

Kong Yue pulled Su Qing into the room.

There were still tears at the corners of her eyes, and she was applying an ice pack on Su Qings face, looking as though she had a lot to say.

Su Qing turned to look at her.

After a while, she said, “Stop crying.

Its not your fault…”

“I dont know why your father would do this to you.” She looked at Su Qing.

“Im sorry, Qingqing.

I know youre upset.

Tell me what happened, alright”


Was she sad

No, it wasnt sadness she felt.

She was more angry than sad.

Who wouldnt be angry after being slapped for no reason


However, when she saw Kong Yues concerned expression, her heart slowly softened.

She looked at Kong Yue and said softly, “Mommy, Im not sad.

Im just a little angry.

This isnt your fault.

Its his fault.

Dont be sad, alright”

Kong Yue widened her teary eyes, and they were filled with gratitude.

Her precious daughter was such an angel!

She had just been reprimanded by her father and had even been slapped, but now, she was comforting her mother instead.

She was really obedient and cute.

Someone with true kindness and naivety would not lash out at people who cared about them because they were feeling aggrieved or wronged by others.

Kong Yue pulled Su Qing into her arms and sobbed, “My good daughter!”

The elder womans body was warm and soft, and she smelled good.

For once, Su Qing didnt dislike such intimate contact.

“Ill definitely get your father to apologize to you!”

Su Qing thought of Su Zheng and didnt say anything.

She really wanted to leave this place and return to her masters side, but when she looked at the worry and concern on Kong Yue, Su Xing, and Su Lus faces, she hesitated.


In the study, Su Zheng lowered his head and looked at the table in front of him.

He was still fuming inside.

Su Yan was standing beside him, passing him a glass of water and helping to soothe his anger.

She was extremely busy.


Su Zheng looked at Su Yan and thought of his other rebellious daughter.

He said angrily, “From the looks of it, shes a good match for that playboy from the Huo family.”


Su Xing looked at him and frowned slightly.

“Hasnt the annulment of the engagement been finalized Why are you still saying these things Youve indeed gone overboard today.

If Qingqing has done anything wrong, you can just teach her.

How can you hit her Shes only been home for a few days, what should she think of her family”

“Thats right! Shes only been home for a few days, but shes already turned the house upside down.

Did I accuse her wrongly” Su Zheng looked at Su Xing angrily.


There was no way to communicate with Su Zheng in his current state.

Su Xing looked at him and frowned.

Su Lu looked at Su Yan.

“Did you clearly explain how you deliberately tried to frame Su Qing today”

Su Yan was shocked.

Even though the burden in her heart was finally lifted, she couldnt avoid the inevitable.

“Third Brother, I really didnt do it on purpose.

What do you mean when you say that I was trying to frame Su Qing”



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