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Su Zheng looked at her with a sharp gaze, then lashed out at her, “What kind of attitude is this You dont even address me as your father! Where are your basic manners How did you grow up to be such a frivolous and shameless person! How did our family give birth to a daughter like you”

Before Su Qing could figure out what was going on, she was scolded by Su Zheng.

His words were unpleasant and vicious.

It was difficult to imagine that this was what a father would say to his daughter.


Fortunately, Su Qings EQ was low, otherwise her heart would have been broken by her father, who was deceived with just a few words from others.

“What did I do” Su Qing asked with a frown.

What Su Zheng hated most was her nonchalant expression.

“Do you still need me to list them out for you”


Su Qing looked at him.

“Do you just believe whatever Su Yan says”


Her master had said that if she met her father, he would probably treat her well, care for her, and smile at her.


But from the looks of it, that wasnt the case.

“Since you can do it, why are you still afraid of others talking about it Im going to teach you a lesson today!”

Su Qing looked at him for a long time before saying, “What right do you have”

When Su Zheng saw her unrepentant expression, he said angrily, “Why should I Because Im your father! Has the Su family mistreated you in any way, or we havent given you enough to eat or drink Why did you have to go and seduce other men!”


“What” Su Qing asked in confusion.

She didnt understand what Su Zheng was talking about.

“When has the Su family provided for me” she asked.

These words pierced into Su Zhengs heart.

He was furious and raised his hand.

“How dare you!”

Su Qing didnt expect Su Zheng to hit her.

She staggered to the side from the impact, her eyes filled with disbelief.

When Kong Yue heard Su Zhengs roar in the study, she hurriedly pushed the door open and rushed in.

Behind her were Su Lu and Su Xing.

Su Yan was at the back, and the entire group was met with this scene.

Su Qings head was lowered, as though she was in a daze, while Su Zhengs hand was still trembling slightly.

“What are you doing!” Kong Yue walked quickly to Su Qings side.

Her heart ached when she saw the red marks on Su Qings face.

She turned around and yelled at Su Zheng, “Are you crazy Why did you hit her”

“Dad! You…” Even Su Xing was surprised.

Su Lu walked in and looked at Su Zheng.

“Why did you hit her Didnt Su Yan already make things clear” He turned to look at Su Yan, who was looking at Su Qing in shock.


Su Zheng actually hit Su Qing!

Were her words that effective

Su Yan was secretly pleased, but she still pretended to be extremely concerned.

“Listen to what shes saying! Im slapping you for being disrespectful and heartless!” Su Zheng retracted his hand and said sternly.

Su Qing felt a buzzing in her ears.

This was the first time in her life that she had been slapped, and it came from her conceited and self-righteous father.

Pushing Kong Yues hand away gently, she looked up at Su Zheng and then at Su Yan.

She said slowly, “Did I say anything wrong What has the Su family given me What right do you have to criticize me like a father You believed everything that Su Yan said.

I was just stating facts.

Why are you so angry”


Su Qings eyes were brimming with tears.

Actually, she didnt understand why her heart ached so badly.


She didnt know that this feeling was called disappointment…

Tears streamed down Kong Yues face.

She held Su Qings hand, her heart filled with guilt.

Missing out on Su Qings growth was already a lifelong pain.

Su Zheng didnt understand the pain of being a mother.

What he cared about was the glory of the Su family, as well as his own pride.


The situation had already exceeded Su Yans expectations.

Su Lu looked at Su Qing helplessly.

If they were arguing about what happened this afternoon, he could still testify for her.

However, the matter had now evolved into the painful wound that divided Su Qing and their parents.

It wasnt something that could be explained and reasoned out.


She definitely has something to do with this matter! Su Lu thought to herself as she looked at Su Yan.

Su Xing stepped forward and patted Su Qings head with a smile.

“Sit down and rest first.”

Su Xing looked at Kong Yue, who was weeping silently, and consoled her gently.

“Mother, dont cry.

Qingqing didnt even cry.

Why are you so upset”


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