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What was wrong with Su Lu today Why did she happen to meet this cold-faced Asura under such circumstances

“You should handle the consequences of what youve done yourself,” Su Lu said.

The exhibition manager, who was standing at the side, said, “This calligraphy piece is Mr.

Qingzhais work.

The price is 80 million dollars.”


Su Yan sat up abruptly.

“What A lousy calligraphy piece costs 80 million dollars”


“You should be glad that you didnt destroy Qings Poem, which is beside it.

That piece is worth more than 300 million dollars.”

Su Qing looked at the manager.

He looked unfamiliar, so he should be someone new hired by Uncle Tian.

However, the price he mentioned was a little exaggerated.

Su Yan was scared out of her wits.

Even if it was 80 million dollars, she couldnt afford it.

Now that there was no one else, she could only look at Su Lu.

“Third Brother! Im sorry, I was wrong.

Please… help me think of a way! If Dad finds out, hell beat me to death.”


Su Lu looked at her.

“Am I the one you should be apologizing to”

He turned his head to look at the obedient Su Qing.

“If I hadnt stepped in, how long were you planning to embarrass the Su family Youd better keep your devious thoughts to yourself! Apologize to Su Qing first.”


Su Qing observed Su Lu.

Her third brother, Su Lu, should be a very stern person.

The frown between his eyebrows was like a glacier that had not melted for many years, and he looked really cold.

“Theres no need.

Just keep this woman away from me in the future.

I feel uncomfortable even looking at her,” Su Qing said softly and slowly stood up.

She really didnt want to waste any more time on Su Yan.


Su Yan glared at Su Qing as she walked out.

Su Lu glanced at Su Yan and slowly walked away.

After Su Yan returned home, she had been trembling in fear.

Kong Yue looked at her uneasy expression and asked, “Whats wrong Why did you come back with your Third Brother”


Kong Yue then glared at Su Lu, “Are you done with your business Youre finally willing to come back”

Su Lu smiled faintly.

“Yes, Ive completed a few cases.

Im on a break for a while.”

Kong Yue smiled happily.

“Thats good.

Did you meet Qingqing today”

At the thought of Su Qings fair and pretty face, as well as her fearless expression, he smiled lightly.

“Ive met her.”

He had seen Su Qings photo and recognized her immediately at the exhibition today.

In this family, Su Lus personality was probably the most similar to Su Qing.

Seeing the smile on his lips, Kong Yue smiled lightly.

It seemed that he liked this younger sister, just like his eldest and second brothers.


Su Yan wasnt as relaxed and happy as they were.

When she thought about how she would have to face Su Zhengs anger later, her legs went weak.

She had to think of a way to deceive him.


She suddenly recalled the photo on her phone that hadnt been completely deleted, and a glimmer of hope rose in her.

Fortunately, the staff didnt ask her to clear her phones recycle bin after deleting the photo of Su Qing and that old man.

She restored the photo and thought about how to make her father believe her.


Unfortunately, bad news always traveled faster than good news did.

Su Zheng had gone golfing with a few friends today, and he heard about the scandal involving his daughter from others who were gossiping about it.

Su Yan stood obediently in front of Su Zheng.

He looked at her face and said angrily, “Do you know what stupid things youve done”

Su Yan trembled at Su Zhengs roar.

“Daddy, I know I was wrong, but can you let me explain”


“Whats there to explain Youve embarrassed the Su family today.”

Kong Yue noticed that Su Zheng looked furious the moment he returned.

He looked around and realized that Su Qing wasnt around, so he called Su Yan into the study.

Kong Yue didnt understand what was going on, but she was blocked outside the study.

Su Lu looked at her and said, “Dont worry, its just a small matter.

Why isnt Su Qing back yet”

“Oh, she told me that she was going shopping.

Shell be back later.”

Kong Yue smiled.

“She actually took the initiative to tell me that she would be coming home later.”

Su Lu was puzzled.

“Huh Whats wrong with that” Wasnt this very normal

Kong Yue looked at him.

“This sister of yours is just like you.

She treats everyone indifferently.

However, I believe that shell eventually understand how well we treat her.

I heard from your eldest brother that she has already started calling himEldest Brother today.

I wonder when she will call meMommy too!”

Su Lu smiled at her.

“Itll be quick.

Just be a little more patient.”

Kong Yue nodded and turned to look at the closed study door.

“I wonder whats going on.

Why did your father call Su Yan into the study”


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