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When the crowd that had slowly gathered saw this scene, they started pointing fingers at them and gossiping again.

“Why is it her again!”

“Hey, it was the woman beside her who pushed her.

From what she said, it seems like theyre even sisters!”

“Isnt that the daughter of the Su family Why is she in such a sorry state How terrible!”

Su Yans friends quickly helped her up.

“She was the one who pushed Su Yan.

We all saw it!”

The others immediately nodded in unison.

“Thats right!”

Su Qings gaze was cold.

She turned to them and said, “If you dont know how to use your eyes properly, you should just donate them away.

Its quite a waste.”

Immediately, some of the staff members walked over.

They helped Su Yan up, then looked at the ruined work and said to her in a business-like tone, “Miss, you have to compensate for this piece of calligraphy.”

“Are you blind! She was the one who bumped into me!” Su Yan pointed at Su Qing and said anxiously, “You should make her pay for it instead!”

“Thats right! What kind of exhibition is this How unreasonable!”

Only the girl who was a fan of Qingzhai looked at the calligraphy on the ground with a pained expression.

Nevertheless, she still glared at Su Qing, regarding her as the villain who had ruined Qingzhais work.

In actual fact, none of them had personally witnessed Su Yan being knocked down.

By the time they rushed over, the two were already in a scuffle, so they couldnt see the situation clearly.

However, their first instinct was to protect their friend.

Uncle Tian had gone to the main hall, and the staff here didnt know who Su Qing was.

One of them walked over and said, “Miss, perhaps the two of you should discuss how you want to resolve this matter.”

Su Qing glanced at him, then turned back to look at Su Yan.

Her eyes were filled with frost as she said, “I didnt push her.

It was all an act that she put up.”

“Since no one can tell what really happened, dont you still have the surveillance videos Just pull them out and take a look!” A voice in the crowd sounded, and a man looked at Su Yan and frowned.

“Thats right! Wouldnt it be clear once we checked the surveillance footage There are so many surveillance cameras here after all.”

Su Yan was a little flustered.

Although her actions were very subtle, she was uncertain if the surveillance cameras had captured it.

If someone found out that she had fallen on purpose to frame Su Qing, she would be in deep trouble.

Su Qing nodded.

“Sure, lets check the surveillance cameras.”

Su Yan looked at Su Qing.

“Isnt the truth already laid out before us You accidentally pushed me, and we accidentally knocked down this painting together!” She sighed softly, “How about this If you apologize to me, I wont argue with you anymore.”

“What are you thinking about” Su Qing looked at Su Yan, as though she was crazy.

Was she kidding Why would she do that

Su Yan had a guilty conscience, but she quickly collected her thoughts.

She couldnt let anyone see the surveillance cameras.

She looked at Su Qing.

She knew that she had to force Su Qing to bear the responsibility for this matter.

Otherwise, her reputation would be ruined.

Su Qing didnt want to waste time with her, so she looked at one of the staff members.

“Please go and get the surveillance footage.”

Just as she was about to leave, Su Yan immediately said, “Wait!”

She went forward and pulled Su Qings hand, then whispered to her, “There are so many people here now.

If this matter is exposed, both of us wont be able to explain ourselves!”

She gulped and turned to avoid Su Qings mocking gaze.

“Well split it evenly.

Let this matter end here.

Otherwise, Daddy wont let you off, and Mommy will feel terrible too.”

Su Qing shook Su Yans hand off and looked at her, feeling that this woman was really ridiculous.

“Im not a fool.

Why should I split it with you Youre the one who ruined the calligraphy, so you have to bear the consequences.”

Su Qing was innocent, but that didnt mean that she was stupid.

Su Yan had clearly failed to frame her, but now, she wanted to drag her down with her.

What a joke.

Why would she think of such a method

The surrounding people were enjoying the show when someone walked out of the crowd.

“The two of you, follow me!” He gestured to the staff at the venue, indicating that he would handle this matter himself.

Su Yan looked up and asked curiously, “Third Brother! Why are you here”

Third Young Master Su, Su Lu, looked at her coldly before turning to walk into the VIP lounge.

Su Qing sat on the sofa and looked around the lounge indifferently.

Su Yan looked at Su Lu fearfully and asked slowly, “Third Brother, werent you with Fourth Brother Where is he”

Su Yan had been observing Su Qing, but now, he turned to look at her.

His cold gaze made Su Yan afraid to speak again.

Su Yan understood that he must have seen everything that had happened just now!

Among the five sons of the Su family, only Su Lu was the coldest.

She didnt dare to even speak to him.


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