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Su Yan smiled and said, “Since this is such an exclusive exhibition, the works here must be extremely rare! Lets take our time.

Anyway, theres no hurry.”

“I know! Its written on the invitation.


Qingzhais works are in Area 1.”

“Sister Yan! Thank you for bringing us in.

Your father is so good to you, giving you such a precious invitation!”

Su Yan enjoyed watching them flatter her with a smile.

It was worth her effort begging Su Zheng for so long.

Area 1 was filled with all sorts of precious works.

Su Yan couldnt understand them, and her eyes simply wandered around aimlessly.

When she saw Su Qing in front of Qingzhais work, she was stunned.

Why was Su Qing here Wasnt she supposed to be at the Huo residence now Why wasnt their eldest brother with her Who was that old man beside her Could he be some rich man she had hooked up with Otherwise, how could she enter such a high-end place without an invitation

Su Yan thought for a long time and deduced that it was the only reasonable explanation.

She narrowed her eyes at Su Qing, took out her phone, and took a photo of Su Qing and Uncle Tian.

When a staff member at the venue saw Su Yans actions, he came forward and said politely, “Miss, photos are not allowed inside the venue! Please delete the photo you just took.”

Su Yan glanced at him and said disdainfully, “Its not like Im taking pictures of the artwork here.

Why do you care”

The staff smiled politely at her and said, “These are all photos that cant be taken.

Please cooperate with us.”

The argument attracted the attention of the people around them.

“Whats wrong”

“That woman took a photo.

The staff is asking her to delete it!”

“Ah! Shouldnt everyone know the rules of the venue How did this person get in”

“I dont know.

The people invited by the Yuan family are getting more crass.

Is that a drink in her hand Why is someone like her able to enter”

Everyones discussion was quite loud, and Su Yans face flushed red.

She found the photo and quickly deleted it, then said softly, “Thats enough! Hurry up and get lost!”

After he left, Su Yan slowly moved to the side.

Su Qing had already seen her, but she didnt care.

She asked Uncle Tian, “Did you send an invitation to the Su family”

Uncle Tian nodded.

“Thats right.

Second Master said that we have to build a good relationship with Su Zheng.”

“Oh, I see.

Go ahead and do your work, Uncle Tian.

You dont have to accompany me,” Su Qing said.

Butler Tian still had many things to do, so he bowed politely and left.

When Su Yan saw the old man leave, she strode up to Su Qing and said with a mocking smile, “Sister, I can see that youre really busy! Youve just gone to the Huo family to cancel the engagement, and in the next moment youve hooked up with a rich man!”

She looked disdainfully at Uncle Tians departing figure and sneered softly, “Youre really not picky! That person can even be your grandfather!”

There was no one else around them, so she didnt have any qualms about speaking her mind.

Su Qing glanced at her.

“What nonsense are you talking about Watch your mouth.”

“Whats wrong Cant others comment about your unsightly behavior Youve managed to successfully butter up Second Brother and Eldest Brother these past few days.

Youre really good at this!”

Su Qing looked at her coldly.

“They are my biological brothers, so I dont need to coax them.

As for you…” She turned around and faced Su Yan.” Youre always so sarcastic.

Who stepped on your tail Youre always stomping your feet in front of others! ”

“You…” Su Yan was furious, and her face flushed red.

Su Yans friends thought that she had met a friend when she approached Su Qing.

However, when they noticed that the situation was turning ugly, they quickly walked over.

Once the group rushed up, the situation became chaotic.

A dark glint flashed across Su Yans eyes.

She leaned forward and pushed her drink into Su Qings hand, while her other hand pulled Su Qing.

The two of them staggered and fell towards the art piece in front of them.

Fortunately, Su Qings footing was very stable, so she managed to regain her balance almost instantaneously.

On the other hand, Su Yan screamed and knocked against the frame, before falling to the ground.

She sat on the ground and immediately looked up at Su Qing with surprise and disbelief in her eyes.

“Sister! Even if I saw you engaged in such a scandalous act, I promise I wont tell Daddy.

You dont have to push me in anger!”

She turned around and looked at the exhibit that had been destroyed by the drink.

She was shocked.

“What should we do Look, youve destroyed Mr.

Qingzhais work!”


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