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If he were to wake up now and discover that he was just a nuisance in this womans eyes, he would probably be angered to death!

Su Qing took her bag and swiftly performed a simple surgery on this unknown man to remove the bullet in his arm.

She was skilled and her movements were seasoned, as though she was a professional surgeon!

When it ended, only half an hour had passed.

Su Qing had just stood up and stretched when her phone rang.

The name on the display was “Naggy Second Master”.

Su Qing sighed and picked up the phone, but before she could say anything, the other party had already started rambling!

“Hello Qingqing! Have you reached that place How is it Did those two make things difficult for you When are you coming back Ive already contacted the Su family in the capital.

Ill send you back after some time.

You cant go back on your word! Otherwise, dont even think about learning any more medical skills from me! This is what you promised your eldest master!”

Su Qing listened to him and said calmly, “I understand.

Since I lost, Ill stick to my side of the wager.

Ill be there.”


She was about to hang up when Second Master Yuan hurriedly said, “Dont hang up yet! Theres one more thing I have to tell you!”

Su Qing turned on the loudspeaker and threw her phone on the bed!

She turned her head to look at the man whose clothes she had torn apart.

His chiseled chest was exposed, and it was evident that he had a good figure.

When she bandaged him just now, she also realized that his arms were muscular too!

Her gaze was cold and calm, appearing as though she was just looking at a lump of meat.

She casually took the coat at the side and threw it over him, then pushed him back under the bed!


Hearing Su Qings panting, Second Master Yuan asked curiously, “What are you doing Did you hear what I just said”

Su Qing patted the nonexistent dust off her hands and replied, “Got it.”

“You! We had to investigate for a long time before we found your real family! The Su family is an established family.

I heard from those old fellows that your biological parents are very good, especially your five brothers! All of them are exceptional individuals! Others would certainly be envious of your identity, but look at you! Why do you seem so annoyed instead” As he spoke, he recalled the hardships that Su Qing had experienced in the past and sighed.


Su Qing turned off the speaker and put the phone to her ear again.

“Second Master, you know that Im not interested in the Su family!”

Second Master Yuan looked at the information about the Su family in his hand and said gently, “I know that youre not interested, but you still have to experience some of the emotional warmth that exists in this world! You have an indifferent personality, but thats not your nature.

Its just that youve lacked care and love since you were young! As your masters, our hearts ache for you! Please, just go back and take a look!”


Su Qing lowered her head and listened quietly to Second Master Yuans persuasion.

After a long while, she replied, “I understand.”

The next morning, Su Qing woke up early and went to deal with her grandmas burial ground.



and Mrs.

Zhao followed along, dropping all sorts of hints all the way, hoping to gain some benefits from her.

How could Su Qing not understand what they wanted She just pretended not to know!

At this moment, in the Zhao family mansion, a large group of people were crowding around Su Qings room.

The leader was a calm man.

He slowly helped Huo Qi up and lowered his head in silence.

At this moment, it was best not to provoke his young master!

Huo Qi suppressed his anger as he was pulled out from under the bed by his subordinates.

The coldness on his body seemed to freeze everything within a five-kilometer radius.

He clearly remembered how that woman had swiftly thrown him down and kicked him under the bed!


F*ck! He was thrown off the bed by a woman and forced to sleep under the bed for an entire night! It was utterly humiliating!

“Investigate this! I want to know who this woman is!” He gritted his teeth and said fiercely.


Huo Ming stood outside the black bulletproof car and answered the call respectfully.

He turned around and bowed to Huo Qi, who was in the car, and said, “Young Master! Its important to treat your injury first.

Master has instructed us to bring you back!”

Huo Qi glared at him with his wolf-like eyes, which had a sharp glint despite his nonchalant expression.

“I know what Im doing.

Stop nagging.”

The doctor sat down beside him and lowered his head respectfully.

“Young Masters wounds have been treated very well.

Its no longer serious.”

He didnt know how that woman managed to treat Young Masters two gunshot wounds so well in such a simple environment.

Huo Ming observed Wallaces expression.

The young master had suffered greatly this time.

He had been hunted by another group for two days, suffered many injuries, and was even hidden under the bed for an entire night!


With his personality, he probably wouldnt let this matter go so easily.

However, why was Huo Qis expression so strange

Thinking about the wretched state he had been in for the past two days, as well as the woman who had kicked him under the bed, the anger in Huo Qis heart burned again!


He looked down at his re-bandaged arm and snorted.

He would let her off for the time being.

However, if they ever met again, he would let her know that he wasnt someone to be trifled with!



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