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“If you need anything, I can get my assistant to buy it for you later.

Lets go home first,” Su Xing said as he glanced at her.

Su Qing looked out of the window and said calmly, “Go ahead and do your own things.

I can go back by myself.”

Su Xing looked at her peaceful expression and smiled gently.

Why was she so cold when she was being considerate to others She was so strange, but it was really cute.


“Alright, shall I get the driver to pick you up later” Su Xing asked.

Su Qing shook her head.

“Theres no need.

Im not a child.”

Her brother smiled, “Alright, alright, youre not.”

He added gently, “Ill explain what happened today to Dad.

You dont have to worry.”

Su Qing looked at him and felt a warm feeling flow into her heart.

She nodded.

“Thank you, Eldest Brother.”

Su Xing looked at her in surprise.

This was the first time she had addressed him this way.

Her eyes were clear, and her expression was sincere and adorable.

Her voice was sweeter than honey, so much so that Su Xing was won over by her attitude.

Su Qing looked at his surprised expression and felt a little awkward.

Addressing him wasnt something difficult to do, but why did Su Xing act like he cherished it a lot


Su Qing took a stroll alone, still thinking about this matter.

In the end, she came to a conclusion.

If they could be so happy by her addressing them, she would call Kong YueMommy when she got back.

She wanted to make Kong Yue happy too.


When Butler Tian saw Su Qing, he thought that he had seen wrongly.

He shouted, “Young Miss!”

Su Qing turned around and smiled when she saw him.

“Uncle Tian, why are you here”

Uncle Tian was the butler of the Yuan family, and he had always treated Su Qing well.

Recently, he had been sent to the capital by the Second Master Yuan to supervise the 19th art exhibition that was held by the Yuan Corporation.


“Second Master has spent a lot of time and money on the exhibition this time.

Young Miss, are you busy Do you want to go in and take a look” Uncle Tian asked with a smile.

Su Qing shook her head.

She came to this area because she wanted to see if there was any good ink here.

Apart from her own use, she also needed to prepare a gift for her masters birthday, which was approaching.

If she didnt prepare anything, she would definitely be nagged.

Eventually, Uncle Tian still led Su Qing into the venue.

Along the way, he kept mentioning how worried he was about her situation in the capital.

He wished he could rush to the Su family and see for himself how those people were treating Su Qing.


Su Qing looked at Uncle Tian warmly, “Ive called Master, but if he asks again, tell him that Im fine and that I like my mother and brothers very much.”


Uncle Tian smiled and agreed.

The Yuan familys art exhibitions had always been top-notch.

Without some status, power, and money, one couldnt enter this place at all.

Uncle Tian brought Su Qing to the VIP area.

Su Qing drank the expensive tea and suddenly looked at Uncle Tian.

“Dont tell me that Master displayed my calligraphy and paintings here too”

During the last exhibition, she had tried her best to stop her Second Master from putting up her calligraphy and paintings, many of which were painted casually.

However, Second Master Yuan felt that his disciple was very talented, and was of the view that her good works should be displayed for others to appreciate!

Uncle Tian could understand why the Second Master did that.

He wanted to show off his disciple, like a father wanting to show his child off! He smiled gently and said, “Not much, just the ones that you were satisfied with!”

Su Qing sighed helplessly and put down her teacup.

“Where are they Ill go and take a look.”

“They are in Area 1,” Uncle Tian said.

Su Qing took a deep breath.

She really had to take her hat off to her master.

What kind of works were in Area 1 They were all the works of first-rate masters in the country.

How could her unpolished works be placed together with theirs

Uncle Tian smiled as he looked at Su Qing taking a deep breath nervously, “Second Master dotes on you!”


Su Qing continued walking, “Of course I know that Master dotes on me, but he cant be so willful!”

This was the first time he had heard a disciple saying that her master was willful.

Uncle Tian led her to Area 1 and said, “Second Master knows his limits.

Miss, you dont have to be too humble.

Your works are definitely worthy of being displayed here!”

Su Qing was good at calligraphy.

Under her masters guidance, she was already considered a rising star in the calligraphy industry.

Her works were very attractive, and her brushstrokes were very good, but she didnt specialize in calligraphy.

Su Yan was surrounded by her friends and felt smug.


“Yanyan, how did you get an invitation to this exhibition! I begged my father for a long time, but he couldnt do anything.”

“I heard that this exhibition is only open to those with special invitations.

Ordinary people cant enter!”

“Thats right! By the way, have you seen Mr.

Qingzhais calligraphy My grandfather really likes his piece, Qings Poem, so he forces me to emulate it at home every day.

I can finally take a look at the original today!”



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