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“We already have one kitchen killer, thats enough for today.

Theres no need to add you.

We still want to walk out of this apartment alive!” Wu Mus eyes were filled with smiles, and she didnt forget to tease her.

Su Qing turned around and glanced at her coldly, but she didnt say anything.

She was already very used to Wu Mu and Yuan Yang mocking and teasing her cooking.

Su Qing finally had the lunch she had been looking forward to for a long time.

As soon as Yuan Cheng sat down, he picked up a huge drumstick for Su Qing.

It was covered in a layer of sauce that he had made himself.

It was hot and fragrant, making ones appetite increase!

Su Qing looked at Yuan Cheng and smiled faintly.

“Thank you, Third Master…” Before she could finish speaking, Yuan Yi was unwilling to be outdone.

He picked up another chicken wing for Su Qing and even scooped a bowl of corn rib soup.

“Qingqing, you usually have to eat more meat to nourish yourself! Come, Second Master will pick up a few more prawns for you.

Theyre all your favorites.”

In just a few seconds, Su Qings bowl was filled with all kinds of delicious food.

She smiled helplessly and quickly stopped her two masters, who were competing.

“Im done.

Hurry up and eat! Ill take the dishes myself.”

When Yuan Yi and Yuan Cheng heard this, they stopped and let Su Qing off.

“Alright! Hurry up and eat.

If its not enough, Third Master will take more for you.” As Yuan Cheng spoke, he stopped eating.

Only then did he remember to turn around and look at Yuan Yang and Wu Mu.

“The two of you can take your own food! Hurry up and eat.”

Yuan Yang and Wu Mu seemed to be used to Su Qings status as the Yuan familys favorite, so they werent jealous at all.

The two of them started eating, exclaiming in admiration and enjoyment from time to time.

“Delicious! Third Masters culinary skills have improved again!”

“Great, great! I want to eat two more bowls of rice today and eat my share tonight!”

As soon as Yuan Yang finished speaking, Yuan Yis slap landed on his head.

“Dont talk while eating, understand Also, its best to eat until youre 80% full.

Gluttony is not good for your health, understand”

When Yuan Yang heard this, he lowered his head and replied indignantly, “Who said that I can only perform normally when Im full.”

When Wu Mu heard this, she was about to go crazy with laughter.

She turned to look at Yuan Yang and complained, “Your understanding of yourself is quite accurate! So youre just a useless glutton!”

Yuan Yi turned to look at Wu Mu.

His gaze was indifferent, but there was a stern glint within.

Wu Mu began to eat quietly.

She had always believed that a wise man submitted to circumstances.

Yuan Yi glanced at the two troublesome children and shook his head.

He smiled helplessly and turned to look at Su Qing, who had been eating obediently beside him, before nodding in satisfaction.

Their Qingqing was still the most obedient and cute.

She was as sensible as a little angel.

Yuan Cheng sat on the other side of Su Qing and chuckled as he watched his second brother teach Wu Mu a lesson.

At this moment, his phone rang in his pocket.

He took out his phone and looked at it.

His expression turned cold as he said softly, “Ill need to take this call.”

Yuan Yi glanced at him and nodded.


Su Qing acutely sensed the change in her third masters emotions.

She also looked up at Yuan Cheng, not forgetting to stir the delicious pork rib soup.

“Has Third Master been very busy with work in the army recently Why doesnt he even have time for a meal”

Yuan Yi knew that Su Qing was asking him.

He put down his chopsticks and sighed before explaining, “Ive also heard your third master mention it a few times.

Recently, the area of Namphan has been very chaotic.

The gangs in the region have been fighting endlessly, and there have been many large-scale gunfights.

Many people have died! The military wants to eliminate that place, and your third master has been following up and deploying troops to deal with this matter!”

As Yuan Yi spoke, he turned to look at Yuan Cheng, who was standing by the floor-to-ceiling window and frowning as he made a call.

He said worriedly, “Your third master will probably have to leave tonight.

Fortunately, you came over today and we had a meal together.

Otherwise, you wouldnt have been able to see him for a long time.”

When Su Qing heard Yuan Yis words, she asked curiously, “Hasnt Namphan always been very chaotic Why did they have to send troops to suppress it this time Is there anything special”

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