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When Yuan Yang heard this, he put down his phone speechlessly and looked at Su Qing.

He complained, “I know youre very powerful! However, can you please give us ordinary players some room to play”

Su Qing smiled faintly, expressing her understanding of Yuan Yangs words.

She turned to look at Mu Zi and asked, “Is Third Master in such a good mood today He can actually let Second Master into his kitchen!”

When Wu Mu heard Su Qings words, she thought of her two masters, who had been causing trouble for the entire morning.

She smiled helplessly and said, “Of course not, but Third Master cant stand against Second Masters coaxing and pestering!”

Su Qing seemed to be able to imagine that scene.

She was about to walk towards the kitchen to take a look at the scene where her two masters couldnt coexist in the kitchen, but just as she reached the door, she was blocked by Yuan Yi, who came out.

“I knew it was your voice, Qingqing! Your third master didnt believe me!” When Yuan Yi saw Su Qing, his loving eyes were filled with joy.

He turned around to look at Yuan Cheng, who was busy, and continued to say to Su Qing, “Lets go out first.

Dont hinder your third masters performance!”

Su Qing looked at Yuan Yi suspiciously, feeling that he was a little strange.

Didnt Wu Mu just say that Second Master was pestering Third Master in the kitchen this morning Why was Second Master so anxious to leave this place the moment she arrived

The next moment, the roar that rushed out of the kitchen immediately answered Su Qings doubts.

“Second Brother! Did you treat salt as sugar again You ruined my good dish again! I already said that I didnt want your help, but you insisted on coming over to cause trouble for me! Im really impressed at your incompetence!”

Yuan Cheng rushed out with a plate of obviously ruined dish, wanting to argue with Yuan Yi.

When he saw Su Qing blocking the kitchen door, his nagging stopped.

The expression on Yuan Chengs face instantly became bright.

The ravine between his eyebrows, which had been accumulating power all year round, also relaxed into happy lines.

“Qingqing! Aiyo, I havent seen you in a long time.

Come over and let me take a good look!”

As he spoke, he gently pulled Su Qing over with his free hand and pushed away a certain someone who had just done something bad and wanted to escape.

Su Qing smiled at her two masters.

“Im quite good, Third Master.

Lets follow the same rules after dinner later!”

When Yuan Cheng heard this, he nodded readily and said, “Of course! I want to see if your recent skills and marksmanship have slacked off because you went home!”

“I dont have much chance or time to touch guns at home, but I always practice a few sets of fist techniques when I wake up in the morning.” When Su Qing saw Yuan Cheng and Yuan Yi, she felt a sense of familiarity.

She even spoke more than usual, and her beautiful face was filled with ease.

Because Yuan Yi had done something bad in the kitchen, he had been standing at the side silently.

When he heard Su Qings words, his occupational disease as a doctor started acting up again.

“Qingqing, your injuries havent fully healed yet.

How can you undergo such intense training Do you know how to take things step by step Dont rely on your youth to not cherish your body.

Youll suffer when youre old in the future!”

Su Qing turned to look at Yuan Yi and said obediently, “Im fine now, Master! Its just some superficial wounds.

Ive almost recovered.”

Yuan Yi looked at Su Qing and didnt say anything else.

Su Qings injuries this time werent just superficial.

The remaining poison in her body had been temporarily suppressed, but the effects on her body still needed to be slowly recuperated and recovered.

“Yes, but you still have to rest more.

Eat more delicious food and replenish your energy.” As Yuan Yi spoke, he reached out and touched Su Qings head.

“Ill go back and draw up a food treatment list for you.

Plan your meals according to it.”

Su Qing smiled helplessly, feeling that her master was making a mountain out of a molehill.

“I know how to draft the food treatment list myself.

Im really fine.

Master, dont worry anymore, alright”

Yuan Yis hand slid down from Su Qings head and he gently pinched her face.

He didnt explain much and only said gently, “Qingqing, be obedient.”

Su Qing was stunned, not understanding why Second Master was so insistent on this matter.

However, looking at his sincere and concerned gaze, Su Qing couldnt reject him.

She nodded obediently and didnt say anything.

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