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Actually, he should have understood long ago that it would probably be very, very difficult to obtain Su Qings response in terms of relationships.

He knew that the road ahead was obstructed and long, and he had to slowly figure it out.

However, at times, Huo Qi couldnt help but feel disappointed.

The feeling of not being able to love was not good!

Huo Qi felt that there was something wrong with his current state.

He was very frustrated, and he subconsciously took out a cigarette from his pocket, wanting to light it for himself.

When Huo Feng saw this, he quickly advised anxiously, “Young Master, your injuries havent fully healed.

The doctor said that its best for you to quit smoking in the near future.

This will also be beneficial to your recovery.”

“Just one,” Huo Qi said.

Ignoring Huo Fengs objections, he lit his cigarette and turned to look out of the half-open car window, thinking about something.

Huo Qi had gone out to do something at the last minute because of the change in the situation in Myanmar.

This time, the Huo family had a large batch of goods.

They wanted to go through the port in Myanmar, but they were forcefully detained by the new local tyrant!

In the past, Huo Jue had been in charge of the business here.

He had a good relationship with the old local tyrant, and the two of them had worked together for many years.

However, times had changed.

In recent years, Huo Jue had become old and tired of dealing with the business.

This old local tyrant of Myanmar had also been killed and replaced by a new local tyrant!

This new local tyrant, Scorpion, was very dissatisfied with the toll fees that Huo Qi had given them, so he boldly intercepted Huo Qis batch of goods! However, after intercepting them, he realized that he didnt have the ability to sell off the goods!

This batch of goods couldnt just be wasted in his hands! Therefore, he looked for Huo Qi to negotiate again.

He thought that he couldnt do this for nothing.

He had to get something from Huo Qi! He heard that Huo Qi had been living in seclusion recently, and seemed to be seriously injured.

This was not good news for the Huo family, but it was a rare opportunity for the greedy wolves who had been eyeing them covetously.

As long as someone could take the opportunity to kill Huo Qi or at the very least, capture him, wouldnt their reputation in the mainland and Myanmar rise At the very least, they could get some benefits from the Huo family!

The first step was to lure Huo Qi.

The people from Scorpions gang in Myanmar felt that they wouldnt lose no matter what!

Myanmar was surrounded by water, and all the waterways were connected.

The tropical vegetation on the shore covered an extremely high area, and these were all natural combat barriers for Scorpions gang.

He wanted Huo Qi to never return so that he could make a name for himself!

Actually, Scorpio was sinister.

His plans and ideas were not bad.

He was just too greedy and careless.

If he wanted to plot against Huo Qi, he might have to train for a few more years.

When the Huo family was calling the shots in the underworld, Scorpio was still a child in diapers!

Even though Scorpio had soldiers and guns now, he was still a small fry who was still living in his own fantasy world.

Huo Qi had the intention of eradicating Scorpions faction this time.

He didnt like his subordinates to be disobedient, disloyal, and even stupid!

Huo Qis side was filled with danger, but when Su Qing arrived at her masters house, she was overjoyed.

Wu Mu thought that Su Qing wouldnt be able to come today.

She was still complaining to Yuan Yang about the annoying people in the Su familys old mansion when Su Qing knocked on the door of Yuan Yis house.

Looking at Wu Mu, who had opened the door for her, Su Qing smiled and handed over the red wine she had brought.

“Im late.

Did you finish all the delicious food”

Wu Mu glared at her lightly.

On account of the few bottles of good wine in her arms, she chose to forgive her for the time being.

“Third Master is prepared to show off today.

Itll be ready in a while.”

“Wheres Second Master” Su Qing changed into slippers and sized up the small apartment.

Wu Mu pointed in the direction of the kitchen.

“Second Master is helping Third Master.”

Yuan Yang was leaning on the sofa and playing with his phone.

When he saw Su Qing, he wasnt excited.

He looked up at her and treated it as a greeting, but his actions never stopped.

Su Qing knew at a glance that Yuan Yang was playing games.

She complained in a good mood, “With your level, dont go online and drag others down, alright Youre still addicted despite having poor skills.”

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