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Su Qings puzzled expression caused Huo Qis heart to ache.

This didnt seem like an act.

Huo Qi decided to remind her, “In the Zhao family mansion! Thegift you gave me that day left a deep impression on me, and I still cant forget it!”

At the mention of the “gift”, he gritted his teeth.

Su Qing looked at him and frowned slightly as she tried to recall what happened.

She finally remembered who this man was.

He was the one who fell through the window that day.

He was injured at that time, and the moment he broke into her room, he wanted to attack her.

However, she threw him over her shoulder, and he fainted immediately.

At that time, she didnt have the mood to care about this man, because her adoptive mother was about to push the door open.

When she treated his wound, she didnt pay much attention to his face.

If she didnt deliberately think about it, she wouldnt have recalled who he was.

Huo Qi saw the glint in her eyes and slowly smiled.

“You remember me now”

Su Qing looked at him and asked, “You knew it was me”

Huo Qi said, his eyes filled with deep meaning, “Seems like were fated to meet.”

Su Qing frowned slightly.

Her troubled expression was much cuter than the previous two times they met.

She didnt say anything else.

She just turned and looked in Su Xings direction.

Thinking that this man was a little difficult to deal with, she decided to just let Su Xing handle it.

Huo Qi looked in the direction of her gaze and smiled lightly.

“Why Are you done talking to me just because my brother-in-law isnt around”

Huo Feng watched from behind and felt that his young masters mouth was really too glib.

The Su family were here to break off the engagement, so why was he calling Su Xing his brother-in-law so easily

“Didnt you understand what my brother said just now Were here to cancel this engagement.” Su Qing looked at him coldly.

When Huo Qi heard this, he leaned back slightly and smiled slowly.

“But Im not going to agree to it.”

The atmosphere became tense, and the two of them glared at each other.

Su Qing didnt expect Huo Qi to be so shameless.

This man should be almost thirty years old, but why was he still so childish She could see the playfulness in the mans eyes.

He was clearly teasing her.


“So what if you dont agree I wont marry you.” As Su Qing spoke, Su Xing had already walked back.

He looked at the strange atmosphere between them and said, “Ive already conveyed our familys intentions.

Please consider it carefully.”


Su Xing looked back at Su Qing.

“If theres nothing else, we wont waste everyones time anymore.

Well take our leave.”

Huo Qis eyes were on Su Qing.

This woman was so cute, so why did her words always sound so unpleasant He was a famous figure in the capital, but why did she always look at him so disdainfully


Seeing that Huo Qi was staring at Su Qing, Su Xing stood up and blocked his gaze.

It was only then that Huo Qi slowly turned back to him.

He chuckled.

“I understand what you mean, but this is an important matter.

Why dont I go back and ask the old mans opinion before answering you We can discuss it slowly.

We cant just cancel it just like that!”


The man leaning against the sofa had a lazy and casual aura.

There was a faint smile on his lips, and his handsome face was now deeply imprinted in Su Qings mind.

Su Xing looked at him for a long time before smiling slowly.

“Of course.”

The negotiation today had failed.

He didnt expect Huo Qi to be so difficult to deal with.

Seeing her walk out of the living room, Huo Qi sat back down.

Huo Feng went forward and asked curiously, “Young Master, do you really like Miss Su”

“Why are you asking about that” Huo Qi lit a cigarette and asked him.


Huo Feng looked at him in confusion.

“If you dont like her, why didnt you agree to the Su familys proposal Anyway, the two of you dont even know each other well.”

Huo Qi took a puff of his cigarette, and his eyes lit up.

“Dont you think she looks cute when she glares at people”


“Huh” Huo Feng was stunned, not understanding what his young master was thinking.


He didnt answer Huo Fengs question directly.

Love always starts with a very special person.

For Huo Qi, Su Qing was this special person, and her sudden appearance made a massive impact on his life.


Huo, this is the beginning of the fall.


After Su Xing got into the car, he kept looking at his phone.

“Ill send you home first.”

Su Qing looked at him and said, “I want to buy some things.

Just drop me off by the main road.”


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