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It could only be said that no one at the table was serious about this delicious meal.

Even Su Qian, who had always had a good appetite, felt that todays meal was tasteless.

The long meal finally ended.

Su Qing took a deep breath of the air outside and felt that it was sweeter than inside.

Huo Qi walked over and stood behind Su Qing, looking at her in amusement.

“Since its so difficult to bear, we wont come again.”

Su Zheng and Kong Yue stood at the side and listened.

They were stunned.

Huo Qi had always been very objective and honest.

He indeed had the right to be arrogant.

Su Rui and Su Qian followed Kong Yue out.

They were no longer at the dining table, so they naturally wouldnt let Huo Qi pester their sister so brazenly.

Su Rui was the first to march forward.

He stood up and inserted himself between Huo Qi and Su Qing.

He was about the same height as Huo Qi, but his aura wasnt as domineering and fierce as Huo Qi.

“Can you stay away from my sister She doesnt like you! Dont you understand”

Huo Qi looked at Su Rui, who had suddenly appeared, and tilted his head back slightly to raise his chin.

“Qingqing didnt protest at all, so Second Brother, what are you doing Are you trying to break us up”


Su Qian also stood in front of Huo Qi and said coldly, “Young Master Huo, when can you stop this one-man show Break the two of you up My sister has already told us clearly that she doesnt like you! If youre a man, dont do these unreasonable things, lest you make others hate you.”

Huo Qi glanced at Su Qian, his gaze turning cold.

Before he could say anything, Su Qian was pulled over by Su Xing.

Su Xing looked up at Huo Qi and smiled faintly.

“Young Master Huo, dont take offense.

Our Fifth Brother has always been a straightforward person.

Hes just overreacting because hes eager to protect Qingqing!”

“Thats right! My fifth son, he…” Seeing that the situation was a little bad, Su Zheng quickly helped Su Qian.

Presumably, among these children, Su Xing was the most stable and mature.

However, in the next second, Su Xings words slapped his face.

Before Su Zheng could finish speaking, Su Xing interrupted him, “Fifth Brother might be a little rude, but what he said is all the truth! I know this isnt nice, but since ancient times, loyal words have always been unpleasant to the ear.

Young Master Huo, its best for you to see it clearly!”

Su Zheng was speechless.

The aura around Huo Qi had already changed.

He looked at the three Su brothers who had surrounded him.

Of course, there was also Su Lu and Su Shui, who had been standing at the back and looking at him disdainfully.

The five brothers of the Su family were really united!


“What if I refuse” Huo Qis voice was filled with cold arrogance.

He was like a lazy lion, staring at the lone wolves in front of him who were blocking him from his prey.

Su Qing was actually a little puzzled by the sudden change in the atmosphere.

She looked up at her brothers who were blocking her and asked strangely, “What are you doing I dont want to stay here anymore.

Lets go home.”

Although Su Qings question and suggestion were just ordinary words, they could strangely ease the tense atmosphere.

Huo Qi exhaled lightly.

Through the gap between Su Qian and Su Ruis shoulders, his gaze landed on Su Qings face.

He thought for a moment and said indignantly, “Su Qing! I dont believe what they say.

I only believe what you say.”

Then, he frowned and asked in a low voice, “Is this the answer after thinking it through”

For some reason, when Su Qing looked at Huo Qis serious and solemn expression, a strange emotion suddenly flashed across her heart.

If Su Qing could distinguish these delicate emotions, she would understand that this feeling was called heartache.

Huo Qi didnt get the answer he wanted, nor did the Su family wait for Su Qings second denial.

It was as though no one could understand what Su Qing was thinking!

Huo Feng stood behind Huo Qi and looked at the time from time to time.

After another half a minute, he finally couldnt help but remind him, “Young Master, its almost time for us to set off.

Itll be too late if we delay any longer.”

Huo Qis expression didnt change, but disappointment and grievance had already accumulated in his heart.

He retracted his gaze and replied calmly, “Lets go.”

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