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“Thats enough! Su Ting, shut up!” Feng Qing threw a cold glare at Su Ting, and there was a warning tone in her voice.

Why did Su Ting appear as though she was high on adrenaline, and was acting so agitated When she left the house, she probably forgot to bring her brains along.

Her words were giving them a headache.

Su Ting was shocked by Feng Jings stern reprimand.

After trembling, she shouted aggrievedly, “Grandma…”

Feng Jing ignored her and turned to look at Su Qing, who still had a cold expression on her face.

She took a deep breath and said, “On account of the many years youve suffered outside, I dont want to argue with you.

Its just a small punishment when I ask you to apologize, its not like Im asking for your life.

Why are you so unwilling In the past, if your brothers dared to do this, they would have been whipped!”

When Su Ming saw that Feng Jings attitude had softened, he heaved a sigh of relief.

He was really afraid that Feng Jing would not relent.

The Su family and the Huo family had an ambiguous relationship now.

In order to be closer in the future, they had no choice but to treat Su Qing more politely.

If they really angered Su Qing, it would be difficult for them to really marry into the Huo family in the future.


Su Zhengs protective attitude towards Su Qing just then showed that he had changed a lot from the last time he came over.

At the very least, it was obvious now that he really wanted to protect Su Qing.

Su Ming did not know what had happened, but his wise eyes had seen through too many people and things in the world.

The aura around Su Qing was cold, and sometimes, there was even a murderous intent hidden in her eyes.

This was not something ordinary girls could have.

This granddaughter of his was like a mystery.

On second thought, Su Ming felt that she was really compatible with someone like Huo Qi.

Su Qing didnt want to stay here anymore, but unfortunately, the people from the second branch were targeting her, and this old lady was someone who wouldnt let her off.

She had been provoked, and she really wanted to teach these people a lesson.

She didnt care about etiquette or humility.

She had always believed that the strong ruled, or she would follow her heart, but she was neither servile nor overbearing.

She didnt rely on others power and reputation, didnt submit to others abuse and threats, and treated whoever treated her well.

It was just that simple!

There were too many selfish and evil thoughts hidden in the hearts of the world, so much so that they forgot their honest and innocent hearts.

“I didnt do anything wrong! You were the one who scolded Mommy and I first.

I was just returning the favor,” Su Qing insisted.

Su Zheng was helpless.

He had long known that Su Qing wouldnt listen to him obediently.

After all, their relationship was the worst among everyone in the family!

He had said those words just then, not only to give the old lady an explanation, but also to shut some people up.

He still wanted to protect Qingqing!

Su Zheng glanced at Su Qing and thought to himself, Itd be best if Qingqing isnt too angry!

Su Ming had finally seen Su Qings stubbornness and courage.

Even when Feng Jing pressured her with her unwavering spirit and prestige, she remained calm and fearless!

Given his understanding of Feng Jing, he had already guessed that she was running out of options!

The second branch had fanned the flames a few times indignantly, but Feng Jing did not act on their instigation.

This explained the problem very well.

With the relationship between the old mansion and Su Zheng, as well as Su Qings relationship with the Huo family, it wasnt good for the two of them to step over Su Zheng and Kong Yue just to teach Su Qing a lesson.

Of course, they also had to consider Huo Qi!

Even if he took ten thousand steps back, Su Ming, the grandson of the five of them, did not seem to agree!

Although Feng Jing was old-fashioned, she wasnt stupid.

Her thoughts raced for a while, and in the end, she confirmed the old mans foresight.

Punishing Su Qing wouldnt really benefit them.

On the contrary, the losses outweighed the gains!


Since that was the case, there was no need to insist.

They could just find a way out.

Su Ming smiled faintly and said, “Qingqing, youre very honest.

No wonder Kong Yue tried her best to protect you, and you also turned around to protect her.

Thats very good.

Your grandmother was too anxious today, and she was also angry so she became muddle-headed.

Thats why she said so many things that made you sad.

Be good and dont take it to heart.

Shes essentially strict with you for your own good, but shes too direct and anxious, so she couldnt express it tactfully.”

As Su Ming spoke, he smiled kindly.

“I have to say, shes a little like you.

Youre both stubborn people, hahaha! Speaking of which, were family.

We can just talk things out, right”

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