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The old mansion of the Su family today was like a hellish battlefield.

The “gods and demons” fought fiercely.

If they werent careful, they would probably be affected by the aftershock and suffer internal injuries.

They might even die without a corpse!

So, it was best to escape as soon as possible.

Let Su Zheng and Su Yan fight.

Wouldnt it be good for them to wait for the opportunity behind and reap the benefits

Su Chen glanced at Qiu Yuan and Su Yi, who had already walked out of the old residence.

His handsome face was cold and sullen.

He glanced at the two elders again and said calmly, “Dad, Mom, Im done eating.

Ill go back first!” He left directly without even looking at Su Zheng.

Since everyones faces were already cold, there was no need to pretend to be brothers!

Qin Xin frowned at this magical development.

She thought for a moment and stopped crying.

She suddenly stood up and sneered, “Third Brothers family is really good at running away! Whats the matter Could it be that Eldest Brother wants to remove the fact that Su Qing hurt her second uncle and cousin with just a few words Why should she only apologize to Old Madam Isnt our family worthy of your respect”

Su Lu looked at Qin Xin coldly.

“Second Aunt, forgive me for being blunt, but Second Uncle and Su Ting deserved to be beaten up! If someone wants to attack our Qingqing, does it mean that she still has to let you hit her I think Qingqing is just defending herself.

She doesnt need to apologize.

If Second Aunt and Second Uncle were smarter, you wouldnt be making a scene now!”

Su Ting had fallen very hard just now.

Coupled with the force she used to rush over and the high heels under her feet, she was almost sent flying, and her body was covered in bruises.

The rims of her eyes were still red as the family doctor, who was called over by Butler Su, applied medicine for her.

“Isnt Cousins heart too biased Is Su Qing really just defending herself” Su Ting asked indignantly, “Has Uncle been bewitched by Su Qing No! Su Qing must have drugged your entire family.

Otherwise, why are you protecting her so unscrupulously”

She looked at Su Qing fiercely and said sternly, “Do you usually pretend to be so innocent and cold at home Your acting skills are really good.

Ive seen many people like you.

You pretend to be innocent, cold, and aloof from worldly affairs.

Youre just trying to attract the attention of the people around you so that they will take care of you, but you are secretly just scheming inside!”

“You said that Qingqings acting skills are good How did you know” Su Qian turned around and crossed his arms in front of his chest, his lips curled up evilly.

When Su Ting heard this, she really thought that Su Qian agreed with her thoughts.

She was about to continue speaking proudly when Su Qian interrupted her.

“Qingqing has already received an invitation from Director Shang Bei.

Shell be the female lead of his next movie! Seeing how hard you worked just now, Ill share this piece of news with you for free.

Youre also in the performing arts faculty.

Dont tell me you dont even know who Director Shang is”

When Su Ting heard this, she thought her ears were playing tricks on her, but she quickly came back to her senses.

How did Su Qing, this lowly, b*tch, get to know someone like Shang Bei That was impossible! Wasnt Su Qing in the directing faculty How would she know how to act Su Qian must be lying! Yes, that must be the case!

Almost all the actors and students in the acting faculty wanted to work with him.

His invitation was a golden signboard in the industry!

Yet, Su Qian didnt look like he was lying.

Could it be that Su Qing had really been invited by these directors Qin Xin looked at Su Qian, who was talking, and frowned as she recalled the main issue.

“Stop changing the topic.

Su Qing still has to say that shes sorry! Do you think Old Madam will forget Su Qings disrespect just because youre distracting her Dream on!” Seeing that the topic had changed again, Su Yan quickly tried to get things back on track.

He still remembered clearly the scene of Su Qing contradicting the old lady just now.

He wouldnt tolerate anyone challenging the old ladys dignity.

Feng Jing, who had already been pulled back to her seat by Su Ming, only cast him a cold glance, ignoring the disapproval and displeasure in his eyes.

Su Ming had always been magnanimous and benevolent to his children, but this was not an excuse for him to dote on his granddaughter.

Su Qing seemed like a problematic child, and she had to punish her today to let her know the rules of the Su family.

Feng Jing didnt say anything and just looked at Su Qing fiercely.

“Youre lying! Why would Shang Bei choose a nobody like Su Qing as the protagonist Shes not worthy!” Su Ting retorted in jealousy, unwilling to believe Su Qians words.

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