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Su Yan thought viciously, Its just as the elderly lady said, Su Qing wasnt worthy of being a descendant of the Su family at all! It would be best if she died outside early! 


Su Qing glanced at Su Yan and said calmly, “You want me to apologize Dream on! I didnt do anything wrong.”

Hearing that, Feng Jing directly said angrily, “You stubborn brat, even if I beat you to death today, no one can blame me!”

Su Qing frowned and looked at her, saying coldly in disdain, “You”

Su Zhengs expression had changed back and forth in the past few minutes.

He thought of thousands of solutions in his mind, but he found none of them appropriate.

Either way, he felt as though he was being torn apart! On one side was his biological mother, and on the other was his wife and daughter.

It wasnt suitable for him to choose no matter what.

He was caught in the middle, a tough position.

The five brothers of the Su family quickly went forward and stood in front of Su Qing.

Their expressions were serious and their bodies were tense.

They were afraid that this old lady would really attack directly and their sister would suffer secretly!

Su Lu frowned and comforted her coldly and urgently, “Grandma! Cant we talk nicely Both Qingqing and you should calm down!”

Su Xing pressed Su Qings wrist and said sternly, “Qingqing, calm down too.

Dont be so impulsive! Do you really want to attack Grandma”

Su Qing looked at Su Xing.

“Did you hear that clearly She said she wanted to beat me to death first!”

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