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“Murder! Help!”

In the living room of the Su familys old mansion, Qin Xins cries could be heard.

From the way she was shouting, it was as though she wanted to let the entire world know what had happened here!

“Help! Su Qing hit me!” Qin Xins cries were very shrill.

If outsiders heard her, they would probably think that she was really going to be beaten to death by Su Qing when the latter didnt even touch a single strand of her hair!

Su Qing didnt even attack Su Yan and Su Ting ruthlessly.

If she really wanted to kill them, Qin Xin wouldnt even have the time to cry for help!

After Su Chen and Qiu Yuan said those two words, they stopped talking.

They were just hiding at the side to watch the show.

They were probably overjoyed by the direct confrontation between the two families!

The five brothers of the Su family watched Qin Xins performance coldly, as though they were watching a boring circus act.

Su Zhengs expression was cold as he looked at Qin Xin unhappily.

What was his brothers wife doing Was she crazy

Also, Su Qing had really gone overboard this time.

No matter what, she couldnt attack her elders! It was impossible for him to protect her in front of so many people.

Qin Xin was crying so hard that the makeup on her face was ruined, but no one spoke up.

She knelt down and crawled to Feng Jing.

She couldnt look at her crying face anymore, and looked very miserable.

She grabbed Feng Jings wrist and cried in a trembling voice, “Mom! Su Yan and Tingting were beaten up by Su Qing to avenge you.

You cant ignore them.

You have to stand up for our family!”

Qin Xin turned around and looked at Su Zheng, as she continued making a scene like a shrew.

She shouted fiercely, “If you dont give me an explanation today, Ill definitely not let this go! Su Qing already dares to hit us right now.

Itd be hard to guarantee that she wont have second thoughts in the future and do something to hurt the Su family! Brother, you have to be careful!”

“How can someone like her, who disrespects her elders and likes to fight and be ruthless, be a descendant of the Su family Such a bastard dares to fight with her second uncle in front of me right now.

Is she really going to rebel The Su family has been a famous family for hundreds of years and weve never had such an evil creature! Su Zheng, tell me how to deal with it!”

Feng Jings attitude was already very clear.

What happened today couldnt be resolved peacefully anymore.

She sounded as though she wanted Su Zheng to express his stance on this matter, but she was actually forcing him to punish Su Qing severely!

She knew Su Zhengs personality.

Su Qing was just a young girl.

No matter how much he doted on her, it was impossible for her to go beyond the rules and glory of the Su family.

Su Zheng had to punish this evil creature heavily to vent her anger!

Kong Yue looked at Feng Jings fierce expression and said coldly, “I dont think this matter is that serious.

Mom and Second Sister-in-law, you dont have to frame her like this! Qingqings job is special.

Second Brother shouldnt have attacked Qingqing like that.

Qingqing is already very merciful to keep him alive!”

Kong Yue ignored Qin Xin and Su Yans confused and furious gazes as she glanced at Su Ting, who was squatting on the ground and pretending to be aggrieved.

Then, she said coldly, “If it werent for Second Brothers family taking the initiative to provoke and slander Qingqing repeatedly and even wanting to beat her up directly, Qingqing wouldnt have hurt them!”

“What do you mean by that Are you saying that we have to thank Su Qing for not killing Su Yan” Feng Jing said with an extremely displeased expression on her wrinkled face.

Kong Yue frowned and didnt give in at all.

“Your understanding is correct.

Thats exactly what I mean!”

Feng Jing thought that as long as her expression turned cold, Kong Yue would choose to yield and give in without any resistance, just like before.

What she didnt expect was that Kong Yue was determined to protect Su Qing today.

She was a bit surprised and said angrily, “Kong Yue, are you rebelling too”

“My mother is just telling the truth.

Grandma, theres no need to be so angry, right” Su Lu took a step forward and said in a deep voice.

The gap between Su Yans legs had already passed.

He was helped up by Butler Su on the side.

He touched the wound on his neck and asked with fear, “What do you mean Could Su Qing be some killer or agent She counterattacks automatically when she encounters danger Do you think youre filming a television drama Stop bluffing people with these lies!”

“Su Qing must apologize to me today and also apologize to Old Madam for kneeling and kowtowing three times!” Su Yan came back to his senses and said fiercely as he thought of the danger just then.

Su Yan no longer had a good impression of Su Qing, this barbaric and rude niece who could even be said to be vicious!

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