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Among the Su family, Su Yan was Feng Jings only loyal supporter.

When he saw Su Qings impudent words, he stood up angrily and shouted fiercely, “You must be crazy! Ill teach you a lesson on behalf of Eldest Brother today!”

After saying that, Su Yan walked over quickly and raised her hand to hit Su Qing.

Su Xing, who was sitting beside Su Qing, reacted quickly.

He quickly stood up and wanted to stop Su Yan from getting close to Su Qing!

However, in the next second, Su Yan froze on the spot.

Then, the sound of the cutlery that had just been placed on the dining table rang out!

Su Yans raised hand still paused in the air.

He had just felt the sense of danger when the golden cutlery brushed past his throat.

That sense of impending death made Su Yans lower limbs begin to tremble slightly.

What was even more terrifying was Su Qings sinister gaze.

It was as though if Su Yan dared to take another step forward, he would immediately die under her cold gaze.

“If you dare to move again, my next knife wont be just a gentle slash!” Su Qing said coldly.

Su Yan swallowed nervously and slowly lowered his hand.

He was certain that Su Qing had really wanted to kill him just now!

This was the first time in Su Yans life that he had encountered such a fatal threat.

He didnt expect it to be from his niece! No, no, no, Su Qing wasnt his niece.

She was an evil spirit who had crawled out of hell! Su Yan thought this was a more appropriate description.

Apart from Su Zheng and the others, everyone was stunned by Su Qings actions!

Su Ting looked at the red marks on her fathers neck, and her eyes instantly turned red.

She pounced on Su Qing like a lunatic and screamed, “Su Qing, you lunatic! How dare you hurt my father Ill kill you!”

Why would Su Qing care about a mere Su Ting She glanced at Su Ting, who was rushing over, and kicked her calf.

Su Ting immediately lost her balance and fell towards her.

She dodged expressionlessly, and Su Ting fell flat in front of her!

Su Qing ignored Su Ting, who was crying out in pain on the ground.

She looked up at Qin Xin, then at the other family, and said coldly, “Is there anyone else who wants to fight Come at me together.”

Su Qings agile movements shocked everyone again! How could this woman have such an oppressive aura

Seeing that everyone was just stunned and didnt react for a long time, Su Qing turned to look at Feng Jing.

“I know you dont like me! Of course, I dont like you either! In the future, youll stay out of our familys business! Understand”

When the old madam heard this, she was so angry that her entire body trembled as she said to Su Zheng, “Youre rebelling! Su Zheng, are you going to let your daughter bully me like this Do you still care about me as your mother If I die here today, wont I be fulfilling the wishes of your entire family” Feng Jings voice was trembling, and coupled with her aggrieved cries, it was actually a little terrifying!

When Su Qing attacked Su Yan, Su Zheng wanted to step forward to stop her, but Kong Yue held his hand.

If it werent for the Old Madam and his second brothers familys incessant bullying, she wouldnt have let Qingqing be so cold-blooded and indifferent.

Her heart ached terribly as she looked at Qingqings cold face.

Regardless, she still had to care about Su Zhengs reputation.

She couldnt go against Feng Jing directly, nor could she protect her child.

But could she still stop her child from avenging her She couldnt!

Hence, she made up her mind and decided to let Qingqing retaliate and vent her anger! Anyway, she didnt want to see the faces of these people in the old mansion anymore.

It was good that they had cut their ties.

She wouldnt have to worry about them in the future!

Su Chen came back to his senses and looked at Su Zheng.

“Eldest Brother Arent you going to rein in Su Qing Shes going to tear our house apart! Shes so impudent, but youre still not going to care”

“Thats right, Eldest Brother! Su Qing looks so scary.

Is she going to kill someone Did she have some mental illness in the past Hurry up and stop her!” Qiu Yuan shrank back in fear and reminded Su Zheng.

Qin Xin looked at her daughter, who had fallen, and her husband, who had gone limp from Su Qings scare.

She immediately wailed loudly and sat back down on the ground, her cries sounding like they were about to collapse the sky.

“This is outrageous! Eldest Brother, is your bastard daughter trying to force me to my death Is she going to kill my entire family because of this argument Wheres the justice in this! Your family is too much!”

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