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Su Zheng saw how firm Kong Yue was, and knew that it wasnt good for him to ignore her.

He sighed.

He could only compromise.

Unbeknownst to Su Qing, her mother, her brother, and her future husband had already indirectly taken care of a lot of trouble for her.

However, as the root of one of the troubles, Huo Qi didnt know that the road to wooing his wife would be long and difficult.


Su Qing had escaped her fate tonight, and was already sleeping soundly.

The decision to break off the engagement had been made, but Su Xing still had to think of a way to reject the Huo family.

Since he knew about this matter, he wouldnt leave it be.

He had just experienced the cuteness of his biological sister.

How could he just send her away so easily!


The next morning, Su Zheng looked at Su Qing, who still knew nothing about this, and said slowly, “Later, follow your eldest brother to the Huo family and explain everything clearly.

Do you understand”

Su Qing looked up at him.

“What are we supposed to explain”

After hearing Su Zhengs words, Su Qing frowned slightly.

“Why should I go This has nothing to do with me anyway.” The marriage was arranged by others, and she didnt know about it from the start.

Now that the Huo family was forcing the Su family to keep to their end of the deal, he was asking her to do the explanation! What did she need to explain

Su Qings rationale was very simple, and there was nothing wrong with it.

However, there were times when people needed to interact in a different manner, and Su Qing was still learning how to do so.

Su Xing slowly explained the rationale to her.

After a long while, she nodded in understanding.

Su Zheng was almost angered to death by this little girl.

He felt that Su Qing was here to torture him.

He had lived too comfortably in the first half of his life, and this little girl was a test for him.


Su Yan was a little anxious.

She had heard the discussion yesterday, but the outcome wasnt like this.

Why did it change overnight This wouldnt do.

She had to think of a way to facilitate the marriage between Su Qing and Huo Qi.

“Ill go with my sister.

Shes a girl, so Im afraid it wont be convenient for her,” Su Yan said to Su Zheng, not wanting to let go of this perfect opportunity.


Su Qing glanced at her.

“Its none of your business.

I dont need you to be there.”


Su Rui smiled.

What a neat remark!

Su Yan was angered by her blunt words.

She smiled awkwardly and said, “I was just worried about you!”

“Theres no need.

Ill be going with Su Qing,” Su Xing said.

He knew that Su Yan had been eavesdropping outside the study yesterday.

It was still unclear what her motive was, but it was a piece of cake for him to reject her.


“I wont go then.

After all, its not a big issue,” Su Rui said.

He was good at joking around, so when it came to such matters, he would leave it to his eldest brother.

Huo Qi received a call from Su Xing in the morning, saying that he would like to seek an audience with him.

However, why was the tone of this future brother-in-law so unpleasant


“Young Master, why are they here Dont tell me they want to break off the engagement” Huo Feng asked.

Huo Qi glanced at him.

“How do you know that theyre not here to discuss wedding preparations”

Huo Feng looked at him and didnt dare to say it out loud.

He could only think to himself, Dont you know what kind of situation youre in Coupled with the previous encounter you had with Miss Su, this marriage looks to be doomed! Besides, do you really look like you want to get married It doesnt look like it at all!

And so, the second time Huo Qi and Su Qing met was at this meeting, to break-off their engagement.

Every word that Su Xing said was reasonable, but Huo Qi didnt take it to heart.

He just kept looking at Su Qing.

Did this woman really not remember him



Huo, Ive already made myself very clear.

The Su family is sincerely offering our apologies! Its really because of my sisters unique situation that we are proposing to break off this engagement,” Su Xing said to Huo Qi.

It was only then that Huo Qi snapped back from his daze and looked at him.

“This marriage was jointly decided by my grandfather and your grandfather.

They havent even said anything yet! Whats the use in you coming here in such a hurry to break off the engagement” His expression was indifferent, and he didnt take Su Xings words to heart.

Su Xing frowned.

“Plans may change over time.

The elders will understand.” As he spoke, the phone in his pocket rang.

He glanced at it.

It was a very important work call, and he couldnt ignore it.

He glanced at Wallace and said apologetically, “Im sorry, I have to take this call.”


Huo Qi raised his hand.

“Suit yourself.”

Seeing that Su Xing had finally walked out, Huo Qi bent down and leaned towards Su Qing.

“You really dont remember that night”

Su Qing looked at this handsome and devilish man in confusion and asked, “Have we met before”



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