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As soon as Kong Yue mentioned Su Qing, the pride in her eyes could not be concealed.

She smiled and said, “Their teacher said that shes extremely talented and sings very well! Her performance is also not bad, and she even participated in an advertisement with Fifth Brother…”

However, before Kong Yue could finish speaking, Feng Jing interrupted her.

She sneered and said disdainfully, “These are just some unpresentable things.

How can it be used to show off In the past, these were all acts from actors.

What are actors Theyre lowly people! Although times have changed, those meanings havent! Isnt it enough that your family has Su Qian You still want to send Su Qing into that dirty circle”

Feng Jings tone was even a little stern.

She said coldly, “Since Su Qing is Zhenger and your only daughter, you cant let her humiliate herself so recklessly! You have to change everything she learned from those commoners who are filled with bacteria! What happened in the past is in the past.

Su Qing cant be so unruly in the future! Shes from the Su family.

No matter what she does or says, she represents the Su family.

You have to discipline her even more severely!”

Kong Yue watched coldly as the old madam finished speaking, feeling a little disappointed.

Feng Jings words were clearly slandering Su Qing.

She made Su Qing sound like a good-for-nothing, and even said that she was full of problems!

In her eyes, Kong Yue didnt see any pity or kindness from her as Su Qings grandmother.

She only saw her arrogance.

On the surface, Feng Jings words might seem like she was lecturing her daughter-in-law and granddaughter as an elder.

However, there was an unconcealable arrogance and disdain in her expression.

She was looking down on everyone and asking them to treat her old-fashioned and rotten thoughts as an imperial edict! She didnt care that this was no longer the past, and her old rules shouldnt exist in this world anymore.

It was as though Feng Jing didnt treat Su Zhengs children as living beings at all.

Even the ones who could be considered successful and popular, Su Qian, was just an “actor” in her eyes!

Qin Xin added fuel to the fire when she saw the old ladys expression, “Thats right, thats right.

Although Eldest Sister-in-law and Eldest Brother have many children, you only have one daughter.

She must be properly taught! A tree wont stand tall if its not managed properly.

Look at Su Qings angry expression just now.

I couldnt even find the right words to reply to her, and she even angered my Tingting and the old madam! Its obvious how sharp-tongued she is!”

Su Qing didnt think that Feng Jing and Qin Xins words had hurt her much, but looking at her mothers sad expression, she gradually became angrier.

She stood up and looked at Feng Jing coldly.

“Whats wrong with us Old Madam, are you a remnant of the ancient feudal period The entertainment industry is a dirty circle, and actors are still dirty actors Dont tell me your thoughts are still stuck in the last century Its already the age of democracy! Stop acting like a housekeeper and embarrassing yourself here.

The commoners are covered in bacteria, what about you As long as one is human, one will be covered in bacteria!”

Feng Jing looked at her, frowned, and slammed the table.

She pointed at Su Qing and said sternly, “How dare you! You…”

“Me Whats wrong with me Did my words hurt you” Su Qing asked rhetorically.

Looking at Feng Jings flushed face, she continued firing indifferently, “Do you think that Ill submit to your abuse just because everyone in this family listens to you Youre not worthy! My mother is a good person.

She tolerated you and accommodated you, but I wont do that! As for your hypocritical and arrogant behavior, dont pretend in front of me in the future.

Itll only make me feel disgusted!”

“Su Qing, how dare you!” Feng Jings face turned crimson as she looked at her coldly, as though she wanted to drink her blood.

When the five brothers of the Su family saw this, they were already a little stunned.

Their sister really dared to fight with the old madam!

Qiu Yuan and Su Yis mouths widened in shock.

Su Chen looked at his eldest brothers daughter, Su Qing, in surprise.

He didnt expect her to be such a rebellious girl! Her stubbornness was very similar to his eldest brothers when he was young.

Qin Xin and Su Ting couldnt wait for Su Qing to offend the old madam.

They wanted to see how she would suffer in the future.

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