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Su Ting looked at Su Qing, who was sitting in front, and thought in a daze, Could it be that the rumors were also fake Su Qings argumentative ability was not inferior to hers! 

Did Su Ting not understand her position How could she compete with Su Qing

In Su Qings eyes, she was just a useless clown who only knew how to jump around.

“Su Qing, what nonsense are you spouting I…” Su Ting came back to her senses and stood up abruptly, slamming the table and shouting angrily.

However, she didnt know how to retort and choked.

When Feng Jing heard Su Tings impudent slam on the table, her eyebrows couldnt help but twitch.

She glanced at Su Ting, whose face was red from anger, and Su Qing, who was still sitting motionless.

She finally couldnt control her anger anymore, and slammed the table.

This slam was much more shocking than Su Tings.

Feng Jing said angrily, “What insolence! Su Ting, who do you think you are How can you slam the table in front of us Do you still have any respect for other elders You were still criticizing others upbringing earlier.

I think the problem is with you…”

She paused for a moment before retracting her gaze and turning to Su Qing.

She said sternly, “And you, Su Qing! Some time ago, I heard from your father that he hired the best teacher in the country to teach you etiquette.

Is this the outcome after you learned it Do you have the most basic manners Do you know how to respect your elders and be humble Since youve returned to the Su family, you have to learn the rules and understand the interests of the Su family! In the future, when you go out to interact with others, you cant embarrass the Su family!”

Every word that Feng Jing said seemed to sound thunderous; it was deafening and shocking!

As if she had thought of something, Feng Jing narrowed her eyes and looked at Su Qing coldly.

She asked, “Did you learn your glib tongue from those commoners Change it, understand”

Su Qing looked coldly at the noisy elderly lady, feeling extremely frustrated.

She had already used her greatest patience to tolerate her, but she didnt want to let her off, and even wanted to discipline her even more!

In Su Qings heart, the people in the old mansion werent her family.

There was no need for her to be in contact with them, let alone have any feelings for them.

If it werent for the sake of those who really cared about her, Su Qing wouldnt have wanted to interact with this group of hypocritical people and waste her time.

Wouldnt it be better for her to go over early to accompany her masters and Wu Mu and Yuan Yang for a meal!

Now that she saw the attitude of the people in the old residence towards her, she felt that it was fine if she didnt want her grandmother and these relatives! She wasnt a masochist, nor did she have the habit of torturing herself.

Su Xing understood Su Qings frustration and anger.

He gently pressed the back of her hand under the long table.

Then, he patted Su Qing comfortingly and said respectfully to the old lady, “Grandma! Qingqing has only just returned.

We cant treat her so harshly! At the very least, we have to wait until shes more familiar with the house! You dont know this, but Qingqing is a very honest and cute girl! Shes also very capable.

Not long ago, she even won an award in America with Fourth Brother!”

As Su Xing spoke, he turned to look at Su Fu and asked, “Isnt that right, Fourth Brother”


Su Fu felt that this wasnt a family banquet.

It was clearly a large-scale slaughter house! He felt that this atmosphere was very suffocating.

He frowned and didnt want to explain further.

It was up to others to believe it or not, but it had nothing to do with them.

However, Su Lu nudged him lightly with his elbow, indicating for him to speak.

Only then did Su Fu slowly nod and reply, “Yes… Qingqing is very good.

Her hacking skills are almost comparable to mine!”

Su Ming was shocked.

He looked at Su Qing in disbelief and said in surprise, “You really won an award Your fourth brothers hacking skills are comparable to the worlds top!”

Su Qing glanced at Su Ming and nodded impatiently.

The scrutinizing gaze that Feng Jing had made her feel very uncomfortable.

She wanted to block out Feng Jing and leave this place!

Kong Yue saw that Su Ming had taken the initiative to speak up for Su Qing, and was indirectly giving Su Qing a way out.

She quickly smiled and replied, “Thats right, Dad.

Qingqing and Su Shuis trophies are still at home.

When they came back with them, I was also shocked! Qingqing is such a low-key person!”

As Kong Yue spoke, she turned to Feng Jing and forced a smile on her face.

She continued, “Mom, you dont know! Qingqing even performed at their welcome party some time ago!”

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