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Su Ting didnt understand why the adults suddenly stopped bickering.

She looked at Qin Xin and Su Yan indignantly.

Under Su Yans warning gaze, Su Ting finally sat down indignantly.

She muttered aggrievedly, “Grandpa is really biased! He doesnt even care that Su Qing is so unruly, and he even lets her sit beside him.”

No one cared about Su Tings childish actions.

Everyones eyes were on Su Qing and Su Ming.

Su Zheng looked at Su Qing, who had sat down quietly, and heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, the old master didnt care so much about this.

It was fine if he didnt greet him now, but she would eventually do so in the future anyway.

Back then, he had spent a lot of effort to make Su Qing call him “Dad” too!

As for the elderly lady sitting beside his father, Su Zheng could only hope that she would give him some face today and not harp on Su Qings little faults! However, the reality was always contrary to his wishes.

Feng Jing looked at Su Qing, who had sat down without saying a word, and the frown on her face deepened.

She questioned coldly, “Dont you know how to greet your grandparents Cant you even say a word of thanks”

Su Qing looked up at her and suddenly felt that this family was really annoying.

They stared at others all day long, and even if there was nothing wrong, they still had to find fault with others.

Wasnt it tiring Couldnt a family be simpler Why were they being so uptight

Su Qing didnt understand it, and was feeling a little impatient, so she looked at Feng Jing with frustration.

When Feng Jing saw her expression, she was even more displeased.

“Whats with that look in your eyes Am I wrong Your grandfather tried to smooth things over for you, and your eldest brother pulled a chair for you.

Cant he deserve a thank you Or are you actually mute because you dont know how to speak”

When Kong Yue heard the old ladys accusation of Su Qing, she was about to explain on Su Qings behalf, but before she could speak, Su Qing spoke up.

“Im not mute! You dont have to remind me who to thank.

I know it myself.”

Su Ting finally found something else to mock Su Qing.

She sneered and said, “Su Qing, youre really capable huh Do you think you can scold whoever you meet Is the Su family unable to accommodate you Cant Grandma criticize you Are you trying to rebel Youre so ill-mannered!”

As she spoke, she turned to look at her eldest uncles five sons and smiled maliciously.

“Dont think that you can do whatever you want just because you know how to seduce others and get your brothers to speak up for you and support you! This is the old mansion of the Su family.

You cant be impudent.”

Su Qing had held back her temper on account of Kong Yue, Su Zheng, and her five brothers, and that was why she didnt scold Feng Jing.

After all, the latter was old, so she could still tolerate it for the time being, but what was Su Ting, this clown, trying to do Did she want to die

“Are you done with your stupid words” Su Qing asked coldly, her eyes as cold as ice arrows, striking Su Tings heart.

“On account of your stupidity, I can explain it to you kindly! Did I even respond to you at all In my eyes, youre just a clown who jumps around! “Im speaking to the old madam, so what does it have to do with you Is it that you cant recover from your illness if you dont bark So what if my mother, father, and five brothers are willing to dote on me Are you unhappy Are you jealous Or just envious You seem uneducated, otherwise, how is it that you dont know whatseduce means Go back and learn the meaning before coming out! Otherwise, youll only be embarrassed!”

Su Qing had scolded her with a straight face, as though she was just stating the truth.

Her tone was sincere, and her words were especially convincing, but why did they sound inexplicably sarcastic

When Su Qian heard his sisters retort, he couldnt help but laugh out loud.

He didnt care about the resentful gazes of his second aunt and second uncle.

He only felt much better!

As expected of his sister! That was how straightforward she was! She wasnt like his mother and father, who were afraid of offending others if they rebutted!

Su Qian turned around and exchanged glances with his brothers.

He realized that everyone had the same expression as him, and there was a hint of smugness on his face.

Yes, so what if they doted on their sister They were happy to do it! So what if the other people were unhappy They could only hold it in!

Su Ting was clearly shocked by Su Qings sharp tongue.

She didnt expect Su Qing to be like this!

She thought in confusion, Didnt the rumors say that Su Qing was timid How was this cowardice

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