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However, in the next second, Su Rui frowned slightly and continued to look at Su Ting.

“But isnt Floyd the best school in the country Could it be that Sister Tingting couldnt make it there, so she went to Capital University instead”

Qin Xin wanted to reprimand Su Qian for his rudeness, but Su Ruis honest question stumped her for a few seconds.

Su Rui had really guessed it correctly.

Su Ting really didnt manage to get in.

Her grades were still worlds apart from Floyds standards! Their family background wasnt as good as her eldest brothers, so she couldnt bear to take out money to give Su Ting a spot!

Therefore, when Qin Xin mocked Su Zheng and Kong Yue for spending money to get their daughter entry into Floyd, she was really upset and jealous.

In the few seconds that Qin Xin was silent, Su Tings face was already flushed with anger.

She shouted coldly at Su Rui, “What are you talking about Even if I couldnt make it, I relied on my own ability to get in, unlike Su Qing, who relies on her familys money to get a place!”

Su Ting was so angry that she just spoke without thinking.

She had always been brooding over this matter.

Now that Su Rui had exposed her in public, she was naturally unhappy, and accused Su Qing of living off her family.

Kong Yue looked at her coldly and said sternly, “Who taught you to say that Which school you go to depends on your own ability.

Its also a skill to donate money! Youre such close cousins with our Qingqing, yet you cant bear to see her doing well Why is that”

“Thats enough, Sister-in-law! Tingting is still a child.

She cant afford to bear such a slanderous accusation!” Qin Xin retorted.

Then, she turned to Su Qian again.

“Xiao Qian, I havent seen you in a long time, but youve become so sharp-tongued! You should be glad that the elder you contradicted today was me.

If it were anyone else, they wouldnt have let you off so easily! I wont argue with you about those things, but you have to remember that elders will always be elders!”

Su Qian looked at Qin Xin expressionlessly.

He was about to say something when his father interrupted him.

Su Zheng felt very uncomfortable when he saw Qin Xin mocking Su Qing.

However, what was the point of arguing at the door with such a large group of people Were they going to make a fool of themselves

“Go in! Dont just stand there,” Su Zheng said sternly, his eyes filled with coldness.

Since their eldest brother had spoken, Su Yan and Su Chen also echoed, “Thats right! Lets go in.”

“Dont keep Dad and Mom waiting.”

Since the heads of the individual families had already spoken, the madams slowly restrained their hostile attitudes.

After all, they couldnt really let the three brothers of the Su family be at odds with one another because of this!

Su Qing didnt say anything the entire time.

Most importantly, her mother and brothers were protecting her well, so it wasnt her turn to go up against those people personally.

This was the first time Su Qing was meeting someone from the Su family, so she couldnt tell who was who.

Su Rui followed behind Su Zheng and Kong Yue and introduced them softly to Su Qing.

Su Qing quickly remembered all of them.

She gently stroked her hair, which had been messed up slightly by the wind, and a simple action like this was also especially attractive when she did it.

How was Su Qing an 18-year-old girl! She was clearly a demoness in human skin!

Su Rui was so engrossed that he didnt notice Su Qings question.

He seemed to have woken up from a dream and asked Su Qing in a daze, “What did you just say”

Su Qing thought that he didnt hear her clearly, so she asked again, “Why didnt Daddy help when Mommy fought with them”

“About that!” Su Rui smiled lightly and explained, “If Daddy is involved, this wont be a small quarrel between them and the children, but an internal strife between brothers! This is what Old Madam and Grandpa hate the most, so Daddy and the uncles are very careful to avoid it.”

Su Qing frowned and complained calmly, “Isnt it tiring to talk and interact like this”

Su Rui looked at her and felt that his sister was a very strange person.

“Arent you angry that Second Aunt and Su Ting criticized you just now Are you focusing on the wrong thing right now”

“Why should I care about them They only dare to complain, but they cant hurt me.

Talking to them is just a waste of time,” Su Qing said nonchalantly and walked into the main hall of the old residence.

This place was very imposing and spacious, but for some reason, it made Su Qing feel like there was a cold wind blowing.

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