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Su Qing was shockingly beautiful!

For a moment, Su Ting was dumbfounded.

Was she the youngest daughter that her eldest uncle and aunt had found in the slums

Didnt the outside world say that because she had grown up as a commoner, and she felt that her status was low Wasnt it said that she was timid and fearful, but had also learned the bad habit of seducing men.

She even seduced her brothers, so they were all on her side.

Fifth Brother even personally clarified the rumors that she was not an illegitimate daughter at Floyds freshmen welcoming party!

The current Su Qing was completely different from the rumors! Could it be that she was faking it to gain the old madams recognition

Su Ting thought to herself, It didnt matter if she was doing so.

She would test her later and find out everything! She had always wanted Grandma to like her so that she could do whatever she wanted in the Su family! She didnt care about Su Yi at all! Besides, wasnt the Third Aunt still around How could she make things easy for Eldest Aunt and Su Qing That was impossible!

Indeed, in the next second, Qiu Yuan attacked Su Qing.

“This is Su Qing, right Oh my god! I thought that a big celebrity had come from somewhere.

This extravagance is really exaggerated.

Are you going to put on a show” Qiu Yuan found it extremely funny.

Was a brat who had been picked up worth her brother and sister-in-law welcoming in such a grand manner

Su Qians move was really good at intimidating the two other families.

When the people from the second and third families saw this, they were so angry that their hearts ached.


Su Zheng and Kong Yues five sons were already outstanding, but all of them were still so handsome and charming, making Qin Xin and Qiu Yuan jealous.

Now, they even have such a beautiful daughter! They were really lucky!

Qin Xin was also furious, but she wouldnt be as stupid as Qiu Yuan.

Her direct mockery and sarcasm would only leave her with something to use against her in the future.

She chuckled and said, “This must be my niece, Qingqing! Shes really pretty! As expected of the treasure that Eldest Brother and Sister-in-law spent so much money and effort to find! Shes unlike our Tingting, who is not as good looking, and only knows how to study! I heard that the marriage between my niece and the Huo family has also been pushed forward.

What a joyous occasion! The Huo family is really something.

Our Tingting probably wont have such a good life in the future!”

Qin Xins words were hinting at something, and every word pierced straight into Kong Yues heart!

Kong Yues face darkened.

She slowly took a step forward and smiled faintly, but her eyes were filled with coldness.

“Its been a while, sister-in-law, and your sarcasm has improved again!”

As she spoke, she glanced at Su Ting, who was beside Qin Xin.

She seemed to agree with Qin Xins words and nodded.

“Thats true.

Su Ting really cant compare to our Qingqing!”

Qin Xin was stunned.

Why wasnt Kong Yue doing what she usually did today Wasnt she always gentle and kind Why did she change her style today and become so combative


She pursed her lips in amusement.

“Look at what Sister-in-law is saying! I was just being humble.

Why are you taking it seriously Su Qing is in Floyd now, right Our Tingting went to the acting department of Capital University, and she only managed to get in on her own merits!”

As she spoke, she seemed to have thought of something and said in amusement, “I heard from outsiders that Su Qing was able to enter Floyd because Eldest Brother donated a few batches of expensive equipment to Floyd, and even two academic buildings.

Could this be true This isnt good.

No matter what, our Su family is an established family in B City.

If outsiders find out, theyll laugh at us!”

Qiu Yuan looked up at Qin Xin.

For the first time, she felt that this sister-in-law of hers was more pleasing to the eye.

When she didnt scold her, she was quite likable.

At the very least, she felt very happy when she heard Qin Xin mock Kong Yue.

Su Zhengs family had been bullying them for so many years, and she had long disliked them.

“Thats right! Youre truly humbled, but my mother is serious.” Su Qian glanced at Qin Xin, and the corners of his lips curled up in disdain.

He said, “Second Aunt, have you been listening to others gossip all day Youre comparable to those gossipers in the village who only know how to badmouth others.”


“Oh! Tingting goes to Capital University Not bad,” Su Rui commented.

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