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When Su Yan heard his wifes words, he didnt have any intention of stopping her.

They werent in front of the old madam, so there was no need to pretend to be too polite.

His third brother had recently negotiated a very good deal, and he was a little envious.

Su Chen glanced at his second sister-in-law and remained expressionless.

However, when he turned to look at Qiu Yuan, his eyes turned cold.

He threw his key to the servant who was going to park their car and said coldly to Qiu Yuan, “Are you out of your mind from the heat What nonsense are you spouting Hurry up and go in.”

Su Ting pretended to be gentle and smiled.

“Thats right, Third Aunt! Third Uncle is right.

Hurry up and come over.

Dont get heatstroke and spout nonsense in front of Grandma and make her angry!”

“Su Ting, you… How dare you mock your elders” Qiu Yuan was furious.

Since when did this brat, Su Ting, dare to criticize her

“How can this be called teasing an elder I was just kindly reminding you, Third Aunt!” Su Ting asked in surprise, as though she was really thinking of Qiu Yuan!

Su Yi glanced at Su Ting and said with a smile, “Cousin, you should stop talking.

How can us juniors interrupt when the elders are talking”

In an instant, the situation became a little hostile.

Although Su Yan and Su Chen were biological brothers, they had always been at odds with each other since they were young.

They had often set each other up, and neither of them could stand the other!

These two groups of people looked like nobles, but their schemes and methods were very dirty! How were they biological brothers and sisters-in-law They were clearly demons and ghosts in human skin.

There was no trace of kinship on them!

Suddenly, three luxury cars drove into the courtyard.

Su Yis eyes lit up when he saw the super sports car.

He had wanted this car for a long time ago, but he couldnt get it.

He muttered to himself enviously, “Is this Cousin Su Ruis new car”

Su Chen turned around and knew that this was his eldest brothers family.

His niece, whom the family had just been reunited with not long ago, should be here too! He had heard many rumors about Su Qing.

Su Zheng was the first to get out of the car, and he was even carrying Kong Yues clutch.

He looked at Su Yan and Su Chen and greeted them with a faint smile, “Youre here so early”

Although Su Yan and Su Chen disliked each other, they were still very respectful to their eldest brother, who was the most powerful in the family.

They quickly smiled and replied, “We just arrived.”

Kong Yue alighted from the other side of the car.

Su Xing bent down slightly to help her straighten her long dress, looking very gentlemanly.

He then turned around and nodded at the two uncles.

“Good morning, Second Uncle and Third Uncle.

Hello, Aunties!”

Qin Xin replied with a gentle smile, “I havent seen Su Xing in a long time.

Were you out of B City recently”

Su Shui and Su Lu got out of the car at the back.

They were wearing custom-made suits by Bryoni, which was extremely rare in the upper-class circle of B City.

Su Shui didnt speak much, so he stood beside Su Lu with a cold expression.

He didnt like to be polite to his hypocritical relatives.

After Su Xing exchanged a few polite words with Qin Xin, he realized that Su Rui and Su Qing, who were the first to arrive, were still in the car!

Su Rui looked at Su Qian speechlessly.

This brat was holding his arm and refusing to let him get out of the car.

The reason was that he wanted to give his sister a stunning entrance!

Su Qing was also speechless.

“Fifth Brother, youve been in the entertainment industry for too long.

Do we really have to care about the appearance of the finale and the attention of everyone”

“Of course! Sister, youre going to be a big celebrity in the future!” Su Qian pretended not to understand the sarcasm in Su Qings words and said seriously, “You need to adapt to this kind of situation in advance.

Lets experiment with them today!”

As he spoke, he felt that it was time for the female lead to appear, so he let go of Su Ruis hand.

The two handsome men got out of the car first.

Su Rui walked to the car door and opened it for Su Qing.

Su Qian held Su Qings clutch and stood beside Su Rui.

Under the gazes of everyone, Su Qing walked out of the car elegantly in a flamboyant red gown.

Her skin was very fair, as holy and pure as the snow on the divine mountain!

Her face was exquisite and beautiful, like a lost fairy! However, if one looked carefully, they would discover that her beauty was ostentatious, like a bewitching peerless demoness that could hook peoples souls at any time!

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