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Su Qing didnt want to pursue the reason why Huo Qi knew all this.

This man was like a fly, pervasive and impossible to guard against.

“Its none of your business! If theres nothing else, Im hanging up,” Su Qing replied lazily and was about to hang up.

Huo Qi seemed to be able to predict her actions and quickly persuaded her, “Dont hang up yet! I just want to ask if you still have time tomorrow.

I want to bring you out to play!”

Perhaps it was because Huo Qis attitude was too humble, but when Su Qing heard this, her frown slowly relaxed, However, she still replied calmly, “Not tomorrow.”

“What about the day after tomorrow You should be free this weekend, right I miss you!” Huo Qis voice sounded again from the phone.

It was low and sexy, and his voice was very mature and charming.

An older mans seduction was actually very fatal, especially for a high-qualityold man like Huo Qi.

Su Qing subconsciously turned to look at her phone, as though she could see Huo Qi on it.

She felt a strange feeling rise in her heart.

She didnt know what it was, but her heart skipped a beat.

In the next second, Su Qing quickly came back to her senses and said, “Well talk about it later.

Im going to rest.” With that, she hung up.

When Huo Qi heard the busy tone on the phone, he rubbed the corners of his eyes helplessly and muttered to himself, “Lets see how long you can hide from me.”

He tossed his phone aside and leaned against the pillow.

He looked at the box on the bedside table and felt a little bitter.

What should he do if his wife was too difficult to meet

The next morning, the Su family got busy.

For the family banquet at the old mansion, and also for Su Qings return to the old mansion today, the entire family was mobilized.

Kong Yue was wearing a very dignified and elegant sapphire blue gown today.

When she stood beside her five handsome sons, it was a very harmonious and pleasing sight.

She sized her sons up in satisfaction and said with a smile, “Not bad! How long has it been since our family dressed up like this We really look good.”

Su Zheng looked at his sons and asked with a smile, “Alright, are all of you all ready Lets go.

It wont be good if were late.”

“Wait, Qingqing hasnt come down yet!” Just as Su Qian finished speaking, he sensed that his family had fallen silent.

He turned around and saw the beautiful and extraordinary Su Qing!

Su Xings eyes lit up.

He felt that his sister today would definitely become the most stunning presence at the family banquet.

At this moment, the Su familys old mansion was also very lively.

The second master of the Su family, Su Yan, had already driven over with his wife and daughter.

They lived in the villa area at the foot of the mountain, and it only took them ten minutes to reach the old mansion.

Qin Xin and Su Ting didnt like to walk in the sun, but there was no way for them to drive into the courtyard of the old mansion.

They even had to get out of the car and walk for two minutes before they could enter the front hall.

The mother and daughter walked in front of Su Yan with cold expressions on their faces.

“Why are Second Sister-in-law and Tingting in such a hurry Those who dont know better would think that the old madam is going to split the assets today.” Qiu Yuan had just gotten out of the luxury car, and her feet hadnt even touched the ground, but she was already mocking Qin Xin.

She waved an exquisite and beautiful fan, which matched the Chinese gown she was wearing today.

It was obvious that she was thinking about something.

She said, “In my opinion, Second Sister-in-law is just too delicate.

How can you let down the good sunlight It would be a waste if you didnt bask in it.”

When Qin Xin heard this, she turned around to look at Qiu Yuan and said with a smile, “Third Sister-in-law, what are you talking about I was sick, so I had no choice but to avoid the sun! Since you think its a pity, why dont you help me bask in the sun for a while longer”

Qin Xin looked down on Qiu Yuan. She wanted to mock her with her clumsy words In her next life!

Qiu Yuan really didnt know how to rebut Qin Xin, so she could only stare at her with wide eyes.

Qin Xin stood in the shade and heaved a sigh of relief.

When she turned around to look at Qiu Yuan, her lips curled into an ambiguous smile.

“Old Madam has just recovered from her illness not long ago.

She probably wont want to hear anything along the lines ofdivide the family assets! Third Brother, you still have to control your wifes mouth, lest she makes Old Madam unhappy again.

If shes angry, she might lower your annual dividend this year again!”

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