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Su Qian was stunned.

“Are you talking to me”

“Who else” Su Qing asked expressionlessly.

Su Qian thought about his sisters question and joked, “Of course we have to go to Teacher Shangs dinner.

Arent you being a little too slow”

Su Qing didnt say anything and retracted her gaze.

Although she didnt explicitly agree to Shang Beis dinner appointment just now, her cute brother, Su Qian, had probably agreed to it countless times in his heart!

Wu Mu listened to their conversation and turned to look at Yuan Yang.

He was also very engrossed in the lecture, so much so that he didnt realize that their gathering with Su Qing had been forcibly canceled.

Two hours passed in the blink of an eye.

In the face of interesting people and things, people always felt that time passed especially quickly.

Wu Mu picked up her phone, stood up, and said to Su Qing, “Since Teacher Shang invited you to lunch, Yuan Yang and I wont disturb you anymore.”

After glancing at Su Qian, she turned back to Su Qing and said, “Lets move our gathering to tomorrow.

See you at Masters tomorrow.”

Su Qing nodded and replied softly, “Alright.”

Wu Mu waved goodbye to Su Qian and Zhang Ke before pulling Yuan Yang away.

Not long after, Zhang Ke bade farewell to Su Qian and left.

Before he left, he even smiled at Su Qing and said, “I hope that Teacher Shangs discerning eyes can recognize a good quality pearl again.”

However, even after Zhang Kes figure disappeared from the door, Su Qing still couldnt understand what he meant.

Su Qian looked at his sisters puzzled expression and explained, “Teacher Shang is actually the favorite of many seniors in the industry.

Without him, the film industry would probably lack many exciting films and some extremely outstanding filmmakers! Based on his usual style of doing things, he might have taken a fancy to something about you and felt that you were suitable to be an actor! He wanted to promote you.”

As Su Qian spoke, he reached out and gently pinched Su Qings face.

He smiled dotingly and said, “Our Qingqing is really awesome! Teacher Shang took a fancy to you at a glance.

Its all thanks to you that my little wish can be fulfilled!”

Su Qing waved Su Qians hand away and frowned in protest.

“If you want to talk, just talk.

Can you not touch me”

As she spoke, she looked up at Su Qian indifferently.

“How did you know so much about Teacher Shang Or were you just bluffing me”

Su Qings expression was filled with anticipation.

For some reason, she wished that everything would go as Su Qian had said.

It would be a good thing if she could work with the author of North City!

Su Qian looked at Su Qing and suddenly restrained the relaxed expression on his face.

He looked straight into her eyes solemnly and asked, “Su Qing! I want to ask you a question seriously.

You have to think about it and answer me seriously, alright”

Su Qing was a little confused, but when she saw Su Qians serious expression, she nodded.

“Go ahead!”

“Its very easy to become an actor, but its very difficult to be a good one! Ive worked hard for many years to pursue this dream.

I want to win the Best Actor Award and perform well for everyone.” Su Qian seemed to be glowing now.

When people talked about their dreams, they were always so dazzling and beautiful.

“A long time ago, I had a feeling that you and I are similar.

As it turns out, my hunch is correct.”

These words were etched in Su Qings mind, and she remembered them even after many years.

At this moment, her brother seemed to have changed completely.

He was even more handsome and charming.

Shang Bei stood not far from the back door of the classroom and listened to the Su siblings conversation.

His assistant stood at the side, wanting to remind him that it wasnt safe here.

There were still many students waiting for him outside.

Shang Bei raised his hand to interrupt him, indicating that he shouldnt disturb them.

Su Qian was a popular celebrity, but his words made Shang Bei think highly of him.

He wasnt as impetuous and superficial as those so-called top celebrities.

He was real and honest, which was rare.

Su Qian naturally didnt know that Teacher Shang, who had just left, would quietly return with his assistant.

When he saw Shang Bei enter from the back door, he was overjoyed.

He said in surprise, “I thought Teacher Shang had made a move already.

Lets go down together.

Ill arrange for a place.”

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