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There were many wonderful cycles in this world, and some were just like the current scene.

Su Qians fans were here for him, and he also had an idol that he wanted to meet.

“If only I could work with him once.” Su Qians eyes were filled with hope.

As Su Qian spoke, he turned to look at Su Qing.

“Qingqing, your directing department has spent a lot of money this year! You actually managed to invite Shang Bei as a lecturer.

If I want to meet my idol in the future, Ill have to attend your classes often!”

Su Qing wasnt the kind of person who would deliberately pay attention to the entertainment industry, but she still paid some attention to information about her teachers.

She looked at Su Qian and asked, “Does Professor Shang have any famous works”

Su Qian looked at her in surprise, then suddenly reacted.

“Oh, I dont think youve learned anything about him in your classes.

But that shouldnt be the case.

Didnt your teacher tell you about Teacher Shangs Mu Ye and North City Those are all world-class classics!”

Speaking of this, Su Qing suddenly remembered that Teacher Zhou had indeed mentioned the analysis of “North City” during some basic lessons.

“Hes the director of North City” Su Qing asked in surprise.

Wu Mu sat beside her and glanced at her indifferently.

She couldnt help but complain, “When Qingqing was in class, she must have been engrossed in the movie and didnt notice what Teacher Zhou said at all.”

Yuan Yang nodded and said without looking up, “I think so too.”

A boy sitting in front of Su Qing suddenly stood up and said loudly, “Shh! Everyone, quiet down.

The teacher is coming in.”

When Su Qing heard this, she looked in the direction of the podium.

Shang Bei was a cheerful and smiling middle-aged man.

He was a little chubby, but he didnt look repulsive.

Instead, he looked like a very kind and calm uncle, and didnt have the airs of an international director at all.

“Good morning, everyone!” Shang Bei greeted everyone with a smile.

The students who were there immediately exploded.

For a moment, all sorts of cheers sounded, and the warnings given by the class monitor just now were useless.

“Ahhh! Director Shang Bei! I really like yourNorth City! Can you give me your autograph later”

“I like all of Teacher Shangs works.

North City and Muye are my favorite! When will your new movie start filming Its convenient for me to tell you.

Has the male and female leads been confirmed”

“So what if its not confirmed! Can you even appear in Teacher Shangs movie”

“Im asking on behalf of the audience, whats wrong Wang Fan, shut up!”

Wang Fan, whose name had been called, didnt panic at all.

He even rolled his eyes at the boy who retorted.

He was just a bootlicker who only knew how to flatter others.

He wanted to climb up the social ladder, but didnt even look in a mirror to see if he was worthy.

Luo Hao knew that Wang Fan had always disliked him, but he didnt expect him to embarrass him in front of so many people.

For a moment, he could only panic and try to make up for it.

Fortunately, the assistant beside Shang Bei was an experienced and tactful person.

When he saw the subtle atmosphere between the two of them, he quickly smiled and said, “Alright, students, lets stop here! Teacher Shang is about to start his lecture.”

Shang Bei was someone who had experienced all sorts of situations.

Looking at young men like Wang Fan and Luo Hao, he wasnt angry at their presumptuousness.

Shang Bei even chuckled and continued jokingly, “Its precisely because it hasnt been decided that I came to Floyd to see if theres a next Lin An! Im looking forward to obtaining some unexpected finds…”

Before Shang Bei could finish his sentence, he was completely stunned, as though he had been struck by something.

Later on, during an interview at the Golden Film Awards in America, a reporter asked Shang Bei why he had chosen a girl who looked as blank as a sheet of paper to play the female lead of the new film.

Was there anything special about this girl

At that time, Shang Bei had already answered similar questions countless times.

The success of the movie “Nan An” was something that his two previous works could not compare to.

And Shang Beis previous answers were all polite, but at the hall where movies were enshrined, he became emotional.

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