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Su Qian looked at his precious sister helplessly and thought to himself, Young lady, why are you so understanding at a time like this You can tell at a glance if other girls like me or not.

Why arent you so smart about other things

He was mocking his sister inside, but a moment later, he smiled evilly and asked, “Qingqing, how did you know that she likes me”

At home this morning, Qingqing still didnt know much about the wordlike! Now, she could already judge if others liked him or not Wasnt her learning ability too good


Su Qian was teasing Su Qing on purpose.

However, the serious Su Qing didnt notice her fifth brothers evil intentions!

Su Qing thought about it seriously before answering, “The way that woman looks at you is the same as how your fans look at you.”

As Su Qing spoke, she thought for a moment and added, “When they look at you, their eyes are sparkling.” Su Qings expression was very serious, but her words sounded romantic.

When Su Qian heard this, he was stunned.

He had never heard anyone describe liking someone like this.

It was very novel and interesting.

Perhaps Su Qing really didnt understand these delicate and complicated emotions, but she was very smart and wise.

Precise capture of important emotional changes in the target was a compulsory course for top agents and even assassins.

Only by mastering these skills could they ensure that they would not make any mistakes and complete their missions perfectly.

Of course, Su Qian didnt know that Su Qing noticed these details for such reasons.

He only felt that his sister was a very meticulous and sensitive person.

Good directors and actors needed such meticulousness and empathy.

From the looks of it, Su Qing was indeed very talented.

Su Qian came back to his senses and turned to her with a smile.

“There are many people who like me.

As for her, shes just a former classmate, nothing else.”

He looked at the center of the podium below.

There were already assistants helping Professor Shang arrange the things he needed for class.

When Wu Mu heard Su Qians words, she felt that her fifth brother was quite narcissistic.

However, on second thought, he did have the right to be narcissistic.

Yuan Yang looked at Chen Han, who had already left angrily, and asked curiously, “Why did Chen Han think of coming to this lecture”

Zhang Ke shouted across the three good-looking people towards Yuan Yang, who was seated at the other end, “Shes probably using the excuse of taking an elective course to visit Su Qian.

This isnt the first time.

I dont know what triggered her today, but she actually took the initiative to talk to Su Qian.”

After Yuan Yang heard this, he nodded lightly.

Su Qians fans looked at Chen Han, who left in a huff, and felt that they had won a huge victory.

They looked at Su Qing and Wu Mu even more kindly.

“My idols sister is so cool! This is the way to prevent those women from taking advantage of Brother Qian!”

“Sister is so good.

Shes on the same side as us.

She didnt even give Chen Han a chance to get close to Brother Qian.

I love her! In the future, Brother Qians sister will be my biological sister!”

“I want to vote for her at this years school belle competition! I hereby announce that Im Su Qings fan.”

“I think we can! Count me in.

In the future, well like the two of them.

Well be twice as happy!”

After this incident, the fans had already placed Su Qing in their camp.

She was no longer only Su Qians sister, but everyones sister.

This small argument wouldnt affect Su Qing and Wu Mus mood to study.

The lecture started on time.

Su Qing glanced at Professor Shang on the podium and felt that he looked a little familiar.

She frowned and wondered if she had seen him somewhere before.

Su Qian observed Su Qings expression, as though he had already predicted her question.

He introduced excitedly, “Professor Shang is the winner of the 37th Golden Film Awards for Best Director.

Hes the most popular director in the industry now.

The actors who can work with him must at least be A-listers.”

Su Qian turned to look at Shang Bei, his eyes shining.

The way he looked at Shang Bei was the same as how his fans looked at him.

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