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Su Qian turned his head and looked at Chen Han coldly.

He said with a cold expression, “Who are you to criticize how our Su family educates our people Why dont you take a look at yourself first Youre a girl, so I wanted to save you some face in front of so many people in the classroom.

Please dont be so shameless!”

Su Qian was actually a very easy-going person.

He treated his friends and family wholeheartedly and kindly.

However, in front of people he didnt care about, he would be a little cold, but he definitely wouldnt be like this, speaking with a tone dripping with sarcasm!

Su Qian was really angered by Chen Han.

It was no longer a matter of etiquette! Rather, it was not up to an outsider like Chen Han to criticize his sister.

Who did she think she was! Did she really think she was someone important

The Su family couldnt stand seeing someone acting arrogantly in front of them without understanding the situation!

Chen Han was furious at Su Qians words.

Her eyes widened as she looked at him in surprise.

“Su Qian! How can you say that about me Weve known each other for so long, and have been classmates for several years.

Youre too much!”

Wu Mu frowned at Chen Han and asked tentatively, “Do you know Su Qing personally”

Chen Han was stunned and replied instinctively, “No!”

“If you dont know who she is, why are you wasting your breath Are you the president of the country or do you live in the Pacific Ocean Why do you care so much If you want to attend class, just focus on the lesson.

If you dont, hurry up and get lost.

Stop embarrassing yourself here! Youre so irritating!” Wu Mus abilities at scolding others was only inferior to Su Qings.

Hence, she scolded Chen Han until she was a little stupefied.

“You, you!”

Chen Han sat up straight and pointed at Wu Mu for a long time, but she couldnt say anything else.

She was so agitated by the mocking gazes around her that she forgot how to retalia/te!

The fans looked at her disdainfully, as though she was trash.

She was simply an eyesore!

Seeing that Chen Han couldnt muster a reply, Wu Mu continued, “What about me! You cant even speak clearly, and yet youre still trying to criticize others! Hurry up and go home and learn Pinyin before coming out, otherwise, itll make us look like were bullying you.”

Chen Han suddenly stood up, and Wu Mu followed closely behind.

She stood up with her hands on her hips and said, “Whats wrong You cant outtalk me, so youre trying to fight with me I dont even need to break a sweat if I want to beat you up.”

Noticing that Wu Mu had crossed the line, Su Qing said, “Alright! If you want to leave, just.

Dont disturb us and waste everyones time.”

As the situation looked increasingly favorable, the fans praised Wu Mu and Su Qings fighting prowess, while adding fuel to the fire.

“Thats right! Belle Chen, youre so noisy.

Can you just stop causing problems for us”

“The teachers are coming soon.

If you want to leave, hurry up and leave! Dont stand there and block everyone!”

“Youre not from the same faculty as us, so why are you here Belle Chen, are you really here for the lesson”

“Im afraid she has ulterior motives!”

“Thats right! Ive never seen you attend any classes from our faculty before.

Who are you here for today”

While the fans fanned the flames, some of the boys who had been rejected by Chen Han in the past added indignantly, “Who else could it be It must be Su Qian! Who doesnt know that Chen Hans heart is harder to catch than the sky Usually, so many people would be chasing after her, but she doesnt even take a look at them!”

When they saw Chen Han throwing herself at Su Qian, they were unhappy.

There were some people who were shameless.

You treated her well, but she didnt want you.

She even threw your true heart to the ground and trampled on it.

Then, she turned around and went to butter up someone else instead.

How disgusting!

When Chen Han heard this, her eyes turned red, as though she was about to cry.

She felt extremely aggrieved.

When she quickly picked up her bag from the table, Yuan Yang immediately stood up and jumped away, wanting to make way for her.

Chen Han brushed past Wu Mu and quickly ran off.

Su Qian glanced indifferently at Chen Hans departing figure, and his cold expression softened a lot.

However, in the next second, he was beaten back into the ice abyss by Su Qing.

She turned to him and asked seriously, “Does she like you”

“What” Su Qian was stunned.

Then, he looked at Su Qing awkwardly.

Su Qing thought that he didnt understand, so she repeated her question seriously, “That girl likes Fifth Brother, right But why is she so hostile towards me Its not like I want to snatch you from her.”

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