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Su Zheng looked at Su Qing and secretly took a deep breath.

Back in the room, Kong Yue and him had a long chat, and he had also promised Kong Yue that he wouldnt blame Su Qing for her past.

That was already in the past.

If there was anything wrong with their child, they could just educate her again.

Kong Yue was indulgent towards Su Qing.

In the past, the Su family emphasized a strict upbringing for their children, and would punish them if they made a mistake.

The people at the dining table didnt quite understand why Su Zheng was in such a bad mood today.

Su Rui smiled at his father and asked, “Whats the matter Did you lose to Uncle Zhang again”

Su Zheng glared at him lightly and didnt say anything.

He glanced at Su Qing, planning to have a good chat with her.

“Come to the study after dinner.”

Kong Yue widened her eyes and looked at Su Zheng, but he ignored her.

Su Qing slowly nodded.

Her father seemed to be very dissatisfied with her.

When he looked at her, there was rarely a smile in his eyes.

“Whats the matter Cant you say it now” Su Rui asked with a smile.

He was familiar with this expression on Su Zhengs face!

In the past, if the brothers made any mistakes, Su Zheng would have the same sullen look on his face.

Thereafter, he would summon them to the study and teach them a lesson.

Su Rui thought to himself, Little Su Qing had only been back for a few days, but she had already offended Dad She was really something.

He couldnt just watch his sister being taught a lesson so soon after her return.

He wanted to say something else, but his father was already glaring at him.

“Its none of your business.

Lets continue eating.”

Su Xing glanced at Su Rui and stopped him from doing anything else.

Su Zheng returned to the study after taking a few bites.

Su Qing felt that the soup today was very good, so she was still drinking it slowly.

Su Yan looked at her calm face with a mocking smile.

“Sister, youre really quite capable! Its just been a few days, what mistakes did you make again that caused Daddy to be so angry”

Su Qing looked at Su Yan and frowned slightly.

“Do you always have to be so sarcastic If you want to know, you can just ask.” Anyway, she didnt know why Su Zheng was angry.


Su Xing looked at Su Qing and realized that she was really an interesting person.

Her bluntness made Su Yan fume.

“What do you mean by this You were the one who made Daddy angry.

Cant others say something about it” Su Yan said anxiously.

Kong Yue glanced at Su Yan.

“Cut it out.” What was wrong with Su Yan Why was she always targeting Su Qing


Su Yan shut her mouth angrily.

Kong Yue turned around to look at Su Qing.

“Ill go and talk to your father first.

Take your time eating.

If you like the soup, drink some more.”

Su Qing looked at her and nodded gently.

After dinner, Su Xing and Su Rui went to the living room to watch a basketball match.

Seeing that Kong Yue hadnt come out of the study, Su Qing was planning to check in on her.

She was about to go upstairs when she heard Su Xing call out, “Su Qing, come over here.”

Su Qing looked at the brothers in confusion.

Her second brother was looking at her with a smile.

“Why are you so silly now Mom will deal with Dad! Why are you so obedient Youll definitely be reprimanded if you go.”

Su Yan went upstairs and wasnt in the living room.

Only the three of them remained downstairs.

Su Qing slowly walked over and sat opposite them.

She smiled gently at them.

“I dont want to be reprimanded.”


“Thats right!” Su Rui smiled and exchanged glances with Su Xing.

“However, what did you do to anger Dad”

Su Qing looked at the ball game on the television and shook her head.

“I dont know.

He seems to be angry all the time.”

She didnt understand the complicated thoughts in Su Zhengs heart.

In her world, love and hate were very simple things.

Su Xing looked at her and smiled lightly.

“Its fine.

Your second brother and I are here.”

“Thats right.

Well protect you.

In the past, if any of us made a mistake, we would always cover for each other.

If we really couldnt lie our way through, it wouldnt be too late to slowly accept our punishment.” Su Ruis smug expression made Su Xing laugh.


Su Qing looked at the two of them and tried to imagine how the five of them interacted with their parents.

She said slowly, “Your relationship seems to be very good.”

“Thats exactly the Su familys motto! Unity!”

Su Xing knocked Su Ruis head.

“Alright, stop talking nonsense.”

He turned to Su Qing.

“Remember this.

This is your home, and now that youve returned, you have to learn to blend in.”



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