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Besides, this was originally Zhang Kes seat.

He could let anyone sit as he pleased.

What did it have to do with being a gentleman What did it have to do with being considerate and gentle All he wanted to do now was to dote on his sister, alright

When Chen Han heard this, her expression suddenly changed.

She said in surprise, “But youve already agreed to let me sit here.

Isnt this seat mine You cant go back on your word, right”

Su Qian frowned when heard Chen Hans words.

What did this woman mean Was she going to sit here and not budge When did this position become hers

“I just asked you to move out a little!” Su Qian was appalled.

When did Chen Han become so unreasonable It wasnt like he wanted to chase her away.

He just wanted her to move out a little.

Anyone with a normal mind would cooperate!

Besides, he was the one who was nice and allowed her to sit there first.

Wasnt she thinking too highly of herself

Chen Han looked up at Su Qian in disbelief.

She couldnt believe that he would treat her like this!

Su Qing had just arrived, but he was already in a hurry to make way for her.

What right did Su Qing have to push her away She was the one who came first! As Chen Han thought about it, she made up her mind.

She wouldnt give way today.

She wanted to see how Su Qing would react!

As for Su Qing, after checking the seats in the entire classroom, she finally resigned herself to fate and walked towards Su Qian.

This was because the only place that had seats left was where he was.

Su Qing and Wu Mu walked in front, and Yuan Yang followed behind them.

The three of them were very good-looking, and they attracted a lot of attention.

When Su Qing walked to Chen Hans side, she looked at the seat between her and Su Qian and said, “Move in.”

“Chen Han, move out!”

Su Qian and Su Qing spoke at the same time, but their intentions were completely different.

Su Qian glanced at Su Qing and said with a faint smile, “Qingqing, come over and sit beside me!”

The incomparably awkward Chen Hans face turned even more ashen.

She clenched her fists tightly, and her exquisite and beautiful nails dug into the flesh of her palm, causing it to hurt.

Chen Han was now living up to the old saying, “Youll suffer if you value your pride over everything else!”

There were many people in the classroom who wanted to see how this would pan out.

If only she hadnt been so childish and moved when Su Qian asked her to, things wouldnt have become so awkward.

She might have even salvaged her image with Su Qian and made him have a better impression of her!

However, Chen Han had already been blinded by her overly strong vanity.

At this moment, she couldnt be rational.

She said angrily, “I wont let you have it.

This is my seat!”

The entire situation became awkward.

Su Qians face darkened, but Su Qing, Wu Mu, and Yuan Yang were confused, not understanding what was going on.

Su Qing couldnt be bothered with her.

If Chen Han didnt move in, Yuan Yang wouldnt have a seat, because there was none at the back.

Su Qing glanced at the motionless Chen Han, whose face was flushed red.

Without saying anything, she stretched out her long legs and crossed over Chen Hans bent knees.

Her actions were elegant and agile, stunning Zhang Ke and Chen Han!

When the fans who had been silently paying attention saw Su Qings actions, they almost jumped up and cheered loudly!

Their idols sister was really strong!

Chen Han dared to act shamelessly in front of Brother Qian and his sister Our idols sister wouldnt fall for it.

She would just resolve this matter cleanly without wasting any time or energy!

After Su Qing sat down, Chen Hans mouth was still gaping open.

She was surprised by Su Qings rashness and lack of etiquette.

Wasnt she the daughter of the Su family Had she forgotten all her manners What an uncultured person! If she got together with Su Qian in the future, she would be too embarrassed to go out with this younger sister.

How could she act like this!

Chen Han turned to look at Su Qing with a cold expression and said unhappily, “Is this what your etiquette teacher taught you Dont you have any manners How can you just step over me I…”

Su Qing looked at the stranger in confusion and asked as though she didnt understand, “What”

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