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Su Qian looked at her for a few seconds before recognizing her as Chen Han.

He nodded indifferently.

“Have a seat!”

Compared to the crowded situation in the rest of the classroom, the area near Su Qian was indeed more relaxed.

Chen Han was overjoyed.

She suppressed her glee and nodded in thanks before sitting down gracefully.

She secretly glanced at the fans around her.

Under their fierce gazes, her vanity was greatly satisfied, and she no longer cared about their disdain towards her!

The female fans looked at Chen Han speechlessly.

If not for the fact that Su Qian frowned upon them causing trouble, they would have rushed up and chased this hypocritical woman away from their idol!

And so, all they could do was to curse at her to vent their anger.

“Chen Han is really thick-skinned! Brother Qian doesnt even want to talk to her, but she still insists on sticking to him.

Who does she think she is”

“Thick-skinned Shes just shameless.

Does she think that Brother Qian will care about her just by sticking to him Dream on!”

“I really cant stand her smug expression for a long time now.

Does she think she can be special just because shes Brother Qians former classmate What a joke!”

“If Brother Qian wanted to like her, he would have liked her long ago! She has been wooing him for so many years, its quite sad that she cant even recognize this fact!”

“Who were the judges who decided she was our school belle Why do I feel that its time to replace her”

“Its supposed to be evaluated once a year, and it should be done soon this year! I bet on Brother Qians sister.

Su Qing is really beautiful!”

“I think so too! Shes much prettier than Chen Han!”

“I second that.”

As the fans chatted, they suddenly remembered the notification in the group and continued chatting.

“Didnt they say that the freshmen are coming over Brother Qian is from the directing department.

Will she be coming”

“Thats right! Professor Shang is a professor for both the acting department and the directing department! Its very likely that shell come!”

“Its good that shes coming.

Perhaps she can deal with that b*tch, Chen Han.”

The fans were speaking in hushed voices.

It was fine for them to say these things in private, but they couldnt let Su Qian hear it, or he would be unhappy.

He hated all unnecessary trouble!

When Wu Mu heard that they were going to be with the third-year students for this class, she was very puzzled.

How did a class on the foundation of movies become a lecture

The class representative, Ma Yi, stood on the podium and explained to the students, “Teacher Yu had something on at the last minute, so he cant come.

He asked our class to go to Teacher Shangs lecture.

Actually, the content is similar, so we can sit in for that.

Theres still ten minutes before the lecture starts, well be able to make it if we walk faster!”

Su Qing was disappointed.

In order to attend this class on time, she had been forced to agree to one of Su Qians requests.

What a loss!

Seeing that everyone in the classroom had stood up and left, Yuan Yang turned to ask Su Qing, “Are we going They said that we could sit in, but didnt say that it was compulsory!”

Based on Wu Mus understanding of Yuan Yang, he must have his own intentions for saying that.

He must be thinking of skipping class to go out and play!

Wu Mu raised her hand and flicked Yuan Yang on the head.

She said angrily, “The class monitor said that attendance is also counted in your results.

If you dont go, points will be deducted!”

Yuan Yang touched the spot where he had been flicked and glared at Wu Mu bitterly.

He sighed and said, “Then lets go! Its quite difficult for me to earn these points anyway.”

When Su Qing walked into the classroom and saw Su Qian in the crowd, she was stunned for a moment before quickly regaining her senses.

This was a class for third-year students in the acting department.

It would be strange if Su Qian wasnt here!

Su Qians eyes lit up when he saw Su Qing enter.

He had just heard from Zhang Ke that the school had issued an emergency notice, and he was wondering if it might be Su Qings class.

He really didnt expect his hope to come true.

Su Qian stood up with a smile and waved at Su Qing from afar.

“Qingqing! Come here, theres a seat here!”

As he spoke, he glanced at Chen Han and said calmly, “Can you sit in the outermost seat I want my sister to sit beside me.”

Su Qian pointed at a spot far away on his left, indicating for Chen Han to move over.

He was concerned about his sister, so he didnt notice anything wrong with Chen Hans expression at all.

Perhaps he had seen it, but he didnt care.

Why should he care about the emotions of someone he didnt know very well

At this moment, he only wanted his sister to sit beside him for class.

This class would last for two hours.

He was overjoyed at the thought of spending these two hours with Qingqing!

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