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Su Qing looked at Su Qian and took a deep breath.

She thought that time was tight today, and on account of her mother, she should tolerate her childish brother for the time being.

Su Qing nodded helplessly and agreed.

“Fine! Let me go.

Im going to be late.”

Since Su Qians goal was achieved, he snapped his fingers with a smile and opened the car door readily.

He didnt forget to help her carry her bag, and his attentive expression made Su Qing frown.

She really couldnt stand Su Qians smug expression.

Before she got out of the car, she took a deep look at him and said, “Its best if this doesnt happen again.

I cant guarantee that I wont attack you! Also, dont smile at me like this.

Its giving me goosebumps!”


Su Qian was stunned and retorted indignantly, “Im a popular celebrity! How dare you say that my handsome face gives you goosebumps Sister, arent you being too picky This isnt good!”


Su Qing looked at him expressionlessly and reminded him kindly, “Brother, youre missing the point! The one in front is what you need to pay more attention to.”

“Huh What” Su Qian looked at Su Qings cold and mischievous expression and asked in confusion.

After seeing Su Qings dangerous gaze, Su Qian raised his hand to signal his surrender.

He quickly replied timidly, “Okay! I understand.

It wont happen again! Ill definitely pay attention next time!”

Su Qing glanced at him and left without a word.

Su Qian shut his mouth and looked silently at Su Qings departing figure.

He felt a little bitter.

His sister was really fierce and cute, but he couldnt do anything to her.

He even had to think of ways to coax and dote on her.

How worrisome!

It was really getting late, so the student parking lot was almost empty.

Because Su Qians class was in the second period of the morning, when the other students were rushing to class, Su Qian was waiting for the elevator calmly in the underground parking lot with a few professional books.

Suddenly, Su Qian sensed that there was someone behind him.

This was the vigilance that he had as a popular celebrity!

Su Qian quickly looked back, but he didnt find anything.

There was only a red convertible in that direction, and nothing else.

At this moment, the elevator had already arrived.

Su Qian stared at the car for two seconds before turning around and walking into the elevator.

Perhaps it was an illusion.

Why would anyone appear here at this time

Chen Han hunched over nervously and hid behind the tires of the convertible.

This blind spot was very good, and Su Qian couldnt spot her from this position.

She was glad that she reacted quickly and hid herself before he discovered her.

It was only after Su Qian left that Chen Han stood up from her hiding spot.

She had secretly taken many photos of Su Qian and Su Qing together!

Chen Han looked at Su Qing, who was in an intimate posture with Su Qian, and felt gleeful at capturing this scene.

Her eyes darkened, as she thought to herself, Wasnt the way Su Qian treated Su Qing too intimate and doting

She knew that Su Qing was Su Qians biological sister.

After all, he had clarified her identity publicly at the freshmen welcoming party some time ago!

Besides, Su Qing was still a very popular figure in Floyd Academy.

Coupled with the support of her celebrity brother, Su Qian, her limelight had even surpassed Chen Han, the school belle! The more she thought about it, the more she felt like she was a joke!

Chen Han and Su Qian used to be classmates in the same high school.

They went to high school together, and were publicly acknowledged as a famous couple in high school and university.

Both of them were a good match.

One was a handsome top celebrity, while the other was a beautiful and generous songstress.

A hunk and a beauty; a match made in heaven!

Chen Han enjoyed the attention very much.

The spotlight on Su Qian had indirectly created even more attention on her.

Most of the girls in the school envied Chen Han.

In the eyes of many students and even teachers, Su Qian and her were already a couple.

This naturally made countless people envious!

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