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There seemed to be no way to ignore this.

What should he do He was a little angry.

What should he do Su Zheng let out a shaky breath and thought indignantly.

Su Qian was also very concerned and angry.

He frowned and looked at Su Qing indignantly.

“Why am I ranked the lowest among the five brothers Havent I treated you well enough Why should Second Brother be first”

He really couldnt help feeling aggrieved and wronged.

Su Qing glanced at him expressionlessly.

She didnt seem to say anything, but her silence seemed to have said everything.

Didnt Superstar Su know what was going on Did she have to repeat what had happened in the past

Su Qian was stunned by Su Qings gaze.

He felt his young heart turn cold, and he held his chest in pain.

In contrast, Su Rui felt that this was the most joyous thing that had happened to him recently!

Among his five brothers, Su Qing actually liked him the most! When he saw the way Su Qing looked at Su Qian just now, he was overjoyed.

This was hilarious! It was really fun to see Su Qian suffer!

“What about Huo Qi Do you like him” Su Shui hadnt forgotten their true motive.

They wanted to know if Su Qing liked Huo Qi.

Su Shuis gaze was deep.

When he looked at Su Qing, he was serious and concerned.

When Su Qing heard Su Shuis question, her frown deepened.

She thought about her mothers explanation and said slowly, “I dont like him.” At the very least, she didnt want to stay by Huo Qis side forever.

Huo Qi was really annoying sometimes.

Kong Yue looked at Su Qings calm face and noticed that she didnt seem to be hiding anything.

She finally felt relieved.

The five brothers also heaved a sigh of relief.

Everyone looked at each other and smiled tacitly.

Their sister was still theirs, so others shouldnt try to covet her!

If Huo Qi knew what these five sister-obsessed people were thinking, he would definitely roll up his sleeves and compete with them one by one to see if he could take a look or have any intentions toward her!


Actually, Kong Yues explanation for liking someone wasnt complete.

Liking someone could start from feeling that they were special and different, just like how Huo Qi first liked Su Qing.


In daily life, among everyone, the person you liked would have a different status in your heart.

He could provoke emotions and expressions that you wouldnt usually have, make your heart soften, and make you unhappy.

Su Qing didnt understand the difference between liking another person and liking a lover, and Kong Yue didnt want to explain it to her for the time being.

She looked at Su Qing and thought to herself, The child was too young.

She should only consider these things later!

Su Qian had class today.

He forcefully sent Su Qings driver away and made Su Qing sit in the passenger seat!

Wasnt he the last person on Su QingsFavorite Brothers list In the future, he would treat his sister twice as well and strive to obtain a higher position in her heart!

No matter how bad it was, he couldnt be the last one! An inexplicable desire to win appeared in Su Qians heart.

This was the burning desire of a mans ego.

Su Qing turned to look at her fifth brother, who had a serious expression on his handsome face, and felt a little regretful.

She shouldnt have revealed the name list in her heart.

With Su Qians childishness, she probably wouldnt have a peaceful life in the future.


At this moment, Su Qing felt blessed.

This was how she knew she would be treated after breakfast!

Su Qian skillfully reversed the car into the parking lot and said to Su Qing, who was already unbuckling her seatbelt, “Qingqing, dont be in a hurry to leave after class.

Ill bring you to eat something delicious.”

Su Qing ignored him and opened the door to leave, but Su Qian quickly locked the car and looked at her proudly.

“How about it Promise me that Ill let you go!”

However, Su Qing rolled her eyes at the childish and boring Su Qian and said coldly, “Youre really boring.”

Su Qian thought proudly to himself, She could call him boring for all she likes.

As long as he could achieve his goal, he didnt mind.

Who asked him to be so shameless as a celebrity

Su Qing glanced at her watch.

It was almost time for class, and she didnt have time to waste with Su Qian anymore.

She didnt want to be late for the lecture today because she liked the lecturer very much.

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