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Everyone in the Su family was waiting for Su Qings answer.

It felt like centuries had passed!

Actually, Su Qing was just wondering why her mother asked that.

Why did they all look like they were facing a great enemy Was this matter so important Was Huo Qi very important to the Su family

Su Qing felt that Huo Qi had nothing to do with her family, so she couldnt understand why everyone cared so much about him!

Su Qings little head was very smart, but it was straightforward and wouldnt beat around the bush, so it definitely would not be able to sort out these complex relationships and emotions.

She realized that she really couldnt understand, so she looked up and asked Kong Yue, “Mom, what do you mean bylike If someone treats me well, is thatlike Do my brothers like me”

Kong Yue was stunned.

Su Qing was silent for so long before asking such a question

“Qingqing, do you mean that you want to know what liking someone means” Kong Yue confirmed Su Qings question.

Su Qing blinked her big eyes and nodded firmly, as if she was discussing something especially important and confidential.

Her desire to know was already revealed in her eyes.

Kong Yue tried to swallow her saliva to moisten her dry throat.

She said slowly, “Liking someone means wanting to be good to that person for no particular reason! You want to give everything you think is delicious and fun to the other party.

You just want to make him happy! And keep by your side forever!”

Looking at Su Qing listening attentively, the familys hearts unknowingly tensed up again.

Kong Yue looked at Su Qings expression, and it seemed like the latter understood what her mother was saying.

She squeezed Su Qings hand slightly and smiled gently.

“So, our Qingqing has someone she likes”

Su Qing nodded seriously and said seriously, “Yes.”

Kong Yue was shocked.

Qingqing really liked Huo Qi How did it develop so quickly

“What” Su Rui suddenly shouted.

Su Qian gulped nervously.

“Qingqing, do you really have someone you like Dont tell me…”

Su Xing continued, “Qingqing, how old are you You shouldnt be dating!”

Su Qing turned to look at him, puzzled.

Su Lu pressed down the noisy Second Brother and Fifth Brother, then looked at Su Shui, who was suddenly a little unhappy, before asking calmly, “Who does Qingqing like Do we know him”

Su Qing looked at her third brother and said strangely, “Of course you know him.”

Hearing this, Su Qian collapsed into his chair and thought with a crying face, Its over! Oh my god, why Why does my sister have to fall for an old man like Huo Qi! No!

Su Zheng slowly closed his mouth, which had been gaping from shock, and felt that this turn of events was actually good.

Su Qing was originally engaged to Huo Qi.

Since she liked Huo Qi and Huo Qi was interested in her, this was the best situation.

But in the next second, Su Zhengs mood immediately changed and became complicated.

Su Qing looked at Kong Yue and her brothers at the table and said sincerely, “I like Mom, Second Brother, Third Brother, Eldest Brother, Fourth Brother, and Fifth Brother!”

She looked at Su Zheng at the end and paused for two seconds before continuing, “And Dad.”

Everyone in the Su family was speechless.

Her serious look was a little too cute.

Su Xing was stunned for a moment and couldnt help but laugh.

His wise and mature face was filled with a happy smile as he said warmly, “So, Qingqing, the person you like is our family”

Su Qing said matter-of-factly, “Who else could it be”

Su Xing looked at Su Qings face and asked curiously, “Then why am I ranked behind Second Brother and Third Brother Am I not as good to you as they are”

Su Qing took the napkin beside her and wiped her mouth before saying sternly, “Because youre the fourth person I liked.”

Kong Yue looked at Su Qings sincere and cute appearance and said with a smile, “Can Qingqings feelings be distinguished in this manner Youre really too cute.”

As the first person in the family that her darling Qingqing liked, Kong Yues joy could not be concealed.

She reached out and gently pinched Su Qings soft and beautiful face, her body emitting a particularly gentle and loving light.

Su Zheng looked at them and his face turned slightly cold.

He curled his lips and glanced at the family.

So in this family, the person Su Qing disliked the most was him!

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