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Su Qing looked at Su Qian in confusion.

She felt that nothing good would come from Fifth Brother being so attentive to her!

“Why are you up so early today And why are you so proactive Usually, you should have just come down for breakfast at this time,” Su Qing said expressionlessly.

Su Qian choked.

“I… Im not as lazy as you make me out to be.”

Hearing this, Su Rui held his stomach and laughed.

“Now you have nothing to say! Qingqing is the fairest person in our family.

Even she said that you are the laziest.

Lets see how you can deny it again!”

“Second Brother, are you done Can we let this matter pass for the time being I have something to ask Qingqing.”

Su Rui looked at his pitiful appearance and then at his mother, who was glaring at him.

He waved at Su Qian, indicating that he had let him off.

Su Lu looked at his two childish brothers with a faint smile and turned to Su Qing.

“Come and have breakfast! Itll get cold soon.”

However, Su Qian reached out and pulled Su Qings wrist.

“Qingqing, come with me.

I have something to ask you!”

Su Qing turned her body slightly to avoid Su Qians hand that was about to pull her.

She went forward and sat beside Su Lu before taking a sip of milk and asking calmly, “You can just ask what you want here.”

Su Qian first turned to look at Kong Yue, before looking at Su Qing and asking carefully, “Qingqing, you… it was Huo Qi who sent you back yesterday even though it was so late, right”

Kong Yue looked at Su Qings side profile as she ate the porridge seriously and asked, “Did he shamelessly follow you If youre bullied, you have to tell us!”

When the other brothers and Su Zheng, who had not spoken much that morning, heard this, they immediately looked up at Su Qing, their eyes filled with doubt and slight surprise!

Was Huo Qi already so shameless Had their Qingqing been harassed by Huo Qi

As everyone at the dining table was too curious, Su Qing immediately sensed it.

She looked at everyone and frowned slightly under their puzzled gazes.

“Huo Qi wont dare to bully me.

He wont be able to defeat me,” Su Qing replied seriously.

Su Qian and Kong Yue were speechless.

“Is… is that so He cant beat you” Su Qian stammered subconsciously.

For some reason, Su Qings serious and honest answer actually melted the hearts of her brothers! What should they do if their sister is too cute They really didnt know!

Kong Yue reacted first and asked, “Then how did you meet him yesterday Didnt you go to record a song with your teacher”

Su Qing nodded and replied, “Yes, Teacher Zhou treated us to supper when it ended.

We met along the way.”

She did not feel that there was anything wrong with this matter, so she didnt understand why her mother and brothers were so nervous and concerned about this matter.

“Whats wrong” Su Qing asked Kong Yue.

Kong Yue looked at her ignorant yet precious daughter and pursed her lips before asking carefully, “Qingqing, do you like Huo Qi a little You used to hate him very much.

So many things have happened recently, and he even saved you! Do you have a good impression of him now”

After finally asking the question, Kong Yue felt much more relaxed.

She was eager to understand Su Qings mentality.

This way, no matter what, she could treat the problem!

However, Su Ruis eyes widened in surprise when he heard what his mother said.

What was going on When did his sister fall in love with that guy! After exchanging glances with his eldest brother and a few younger brothers, he realized that everyone was shocked and puzzled!

Everyones gazes gathered on Su Qing again.

Even Su Zheng had to deliberately breathe slowly to calm himself down.

Kong Yue sat beside Su Qing and reached out to take her hand.

She said warmly, “Its okay.

Tell Mom what you think.

Youre still young, so its understandable that you dont understand many things.

You have to know that as a family, we all love you!”

She was afraid that Su Qing would be deceived by Huo Qi, so she made up her mind to have a good chat with her.

From another perspective, it would be good if Su Qing could have some girlish thoughts.

At least she would no longer be as cold as when she first came to the Su family.

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