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Kong Yue turned her head to look at her handsome youngest son.

With his exquisite and charming appearance, he should still be wearing his makeup from the event tonight.

Her son was really too handsome! She couldnt get enough of him!

Su Qian looked at his mothers stunned expression and waved his hand in front of her eyes.

“Mom! Come back to your senses.

Im asking you a question.”

Kong Yue had been waiting for the siblings for more than an hour.

She was really sleepy and confused.

Hearing Su Qians question, Kong Yue came back to her senses.

“Oh, Qingqing! Shes already back and upstairs! As for you, didnt you say that it would end at ten Look at what time it is now”

Su Qian looked at his mother helplessly.

Why was she always different when she mentioned his sister Wasnt he just delayed for a while His sister had already gotten that old man to send her home! 

Mom, your focus is a little off!

Su Qian thought about this and said bluntly, “Mom, arent you missing the point here I mean, Huo Qi sent Qingqing back just now!”

“So be it…” Before Kong Yue could finish speaking, she suddenly reacted and exclaimed, “Who are you talking about Huo Qi! Was it Huo Qi who sent Qingqing back”

After hearing Kong Yues question, Su Qian heaved a sigh of relief and thought to himself, You finally got the point.

Its really not easy!

“Didnt Qingqing go out to record a song with her counselor, Teacher Zhou Why did she come back in Huo Qis car The Huo familys house is far away from here!” Su Qian rubbed his chin and asked in confusion.

Kong Yue stood up and looked at Su Qian as she guessed, “Did that brat Huo Qi force Qingqing again and bully her How did he know where Teacher Zhou and the others are recording today Is he following Qingqing Huo Qi is not an easy person to get along with.

Its not impossible for him to find trouble with Teacher Zhou and Qingqing!”

Su Qian and Kong Yue were indeed biological mother and son.

The two of them were thinking the same thing now.

Su Qian clapped his hands as if he had recalled something.

He said to Kong Yue, “Oh right! Mom, do you still remember that the last time we went to the Huo family to pick Qingqing up, Huo Qi acted like he was very close to Qingqing Qingqing even wore his clothes and slept in his room that day!”

As Su Qian spoke, he snorted angrily.

“Although Qingqing explained it later, we cant let our guard down around Huo Qi! We have to guard against Huo Qis evil intentions! No, I have to go up and ask Qingqing whats going on!”

Su Qing was the cutest little princess of the Su family, the precious sister of her brothers.

She had yet to be doted on for long before she was targeted by another old man!

Su Qian would never agree to it.

He had to know what was going on!

Su Qian was a practical person.

He did whatever he thought of and was about to go upstairs when Kong Yue stopped him.

“Su Qian, wait a moment!” Kong Yue thought about this matter and felt that there was no need to be in such a hurry.

Su Qing had been in class all day and even went to record a song.

She was possibly resting now.

It seemed like he was making a mountain out of a molehill if he disturbed her over this matter!

“Its too late now.

Lets ask her in the morning! Shes tired today.

Let her rest,” Kong Yue said softly.

A certain mothers doting on her daughter was clearly overwhelming.

There was no doubt that she was a daughter-doting demon!

Su Qian turned to look at Kong Yue and frowned slightly.

He said unhappily, “But this is not a small matter! If Sister is really deceived by that old man…”

Before he could finish speaking, Kong Yue interrupted him.

“No way! Our Qingqing is so smart, how could she be easily deceived by Huo Qi Let me think about it.

Well ask Qingqing tomorrow.

Go and remove your makeup and rest.”

As Kong Yue spoke, she waved her hand to dismiss Su Qian.

Su Qian glanced at his mother, sighed, and left.

Fine, tomorrow it is.

Ill just ask her myself tomorrow morning!

When Kong Yue returned to her room, Su Zheng was already asleep.

She glared at him.

This old man did not care about anything all day long.

He did not even know that his daughter was about to be abducted by another man.

Kong Yue leaned against the headboard and muttered to herself, “Sigh, what kind of attitude does Qingqing have towards this Huo Qi”

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