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Huo Qi smiled at Huo Feng.

“Of course its about my marriage with her! I think Qingqing likes me a little.

Youre one step closer to calling her Young Madam openly!”

The happiness and excitement on the mans face at this moment did not match his age.

At this moment, he was like a boy who had received the first response from his beloved girl.

He was filled with joy.

“Get in the car! Lets go home.” Huo Qi patted Huo Fengs shoulder and smiled.

Huo Feng felt that he was also infected by his masters happiness.

A smile appeared on his face as he bowed and replied, “Yes.”

In the Su familys living room, Kong Yue, who was still waiting for Su Qing, was a little sleepy as she sat on the sofa.

Hearing the servant greet Su Qing, Kong Yue immediately woke up.

She stood up and looked at Su Qing, asking with a smile, “Qingqing, youre back! Why are you even later than the time Teacher Zhou said you will be home I already said that I would get the chauffeur to pick you up! Who sent you back”

As Kong Yue spoke, she looked at Su Qing reproachfully.

Su Qing chuckled and said obediently, “Its fine.

Im not coming anymore, right Mom, quickly go upstairs and rest! Im tired today and want to sleep!”

Kong Yue touched her little face and said lovingly, “Okay, go to sleep.”

Su Qing nodded and quickly returned to her room.

As she lay on the bed, Su Qing recalled what Huo Qi had just said!

It could mean that you… Also like me a little…

Su Qing did not know what it meant to like someone.

No one had taught her before.

While other childrens outlook on life, values, and love were first established, Su Qing was learning how to kill, as she learned which part of the human body was stabbed and which angle would cause the greatest damage and bleeding would make it easier to kill the enemy.

While other teenagers galloped in the spring breeze and sunshine, thriving and establishing their values, Su Qing accepted the arrangements made for her in the organization.

Physical cultivation, knowledge about killing others, and starting to fight with other children for a chance to survive.

She hadnt learned to like or love someone.

What the Saints organization taught her was only to be mercenary and use others.

They didnt teach you to love someone.

That was a taboo for killers!

Even when she went to the Yuan family later on, Su Qing received love and care from her elders and her companions, but she never truly understood what true love and affection was.

They all sounded wonderful, but they all seemed very far away.

Huo Qi said that he liked her What kind of liking was that Was it like her mother liked her Or like her brothers Or was it another kind of liking that she didnt know about

Su Qing lay on the bed and looked at the light blue ceiling and the beautiful ceiling lights.

She thought of many questions.

After a while, the puzzled Su Qing gave up and planned to ask Wu Mu tomorrow.

After settling one of her worries, Su Qing lay on the bed and slowly fell asleep.

Su Qian, who had just returned from working overtime, happened to see Huo Qi and Huo Feng leaving the Su residence.

Su Qian told the driver to slow down.

He took a few careful looks to make sure he was not mistaken.

It was indeed Huo Qi.

“Its already so late! Why is Huo Qi here” Su Qian muttered.

At the same time, he had a bad feeling.

When the driver heard this, he immediately replied, “I just received a call from Madam.

She asked Young Master when your trip here will end.

Miss is already home, so that should be the car that just sent her home!”

Su Qian understood and looked up at his watch.

It was already half past midnight.

Did Huo Qi just come down from the villa after sending his sister off When did his relationship with Su Qing become so good Wasnt the Huo familys house very far from their house

He sent Su Qing back so late at night and did not mind taking a detour.

More importantly, Su Qing was actually willing to talk to him

When Su Qian walked into the Su familys living room, he was still thinking about this.

When he saw Kong Yue in the living room, Su Qian asked directly, “Mom! Did Qingqing just come back Do you know who sent Qingqing back just now I saw Huo Qis car on the way!”

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