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Su Qing looked at the picture and felt that Su Qian looked very familiar.

She should have seen him somewhere before.

Then again, the streets and shopping malls were filled with photos of him.

Naturally, she should have recognized him!

Su Xing looked down at his phone.

“Ill go back to work first.” He looked at Su Qing and said in a pleasant tone, “See you later.”

Su Qing nodded.

In his eyes, she was very obedient.

He felt that Su Rui was right.

This sister of theirs was really very cute.


Su Zheng sat in his office with the investigation report about Su Qing in his hand.

He took a few rough glances at it, and was already fuming from whatever he read.

He slammed the document onto the table and rubbed his temples.

He had to talk to Kong Yue about this later.

The documents that were scattered on the table were records of Su Qings life before she was fifteen years of age.

According to them, she was a loner who didnt like to talk to others, and frequently got into fights.

She was a thorn in the flesh for the teachers in school.

Although her results were good and she was highly intelligent, she wasnt well-liked because of her personality.

Three years ago, she even went missing.

No one knew where she went.

The documents also contained some of her adoptive parents and neighbors statements about this matter.

When Su Zheng read them, his impression of Su Qing deteriorated even further.


After suppressing his anger for the entire afternoon, he finally found an avenue to air his unhappiness when he saw Kong Yue in the living room.

He asked sternly, “Wheres Su Qing”


Kong Yue looked at his serious expression and asked, “Whats wrong”

“Initially, I thought that the way Su Qing was behaving was because she was not used to this new environment, but I didnt expect this to be her real personality! Our hearts ached for her disappearance for so many years, but what about her She has been ignorant and incompetent since she was young! She fought, skipped school, and even ran away from home!” Su Zheng said, his face filled with anger.


Kong Yue helped him to his seat and poured him a glass of water.

“Where did you hear this from How is Qingqing like what you said”

“Stop speaking up for her.

Take a look! This is what I found when I got someone to check on her past.” Su Zheng threw the documents on the table.

“You got someone to investigate Qingqing What are you trying to do” Kong Yue glanced at the papers on the table and asked.

“How will we know what kind of person she is if we dont investigate her past” Su Zheng scoffed.

Tears welled up in Kong Yues eyes.

“What kind of person is she Shes the daughter whom we were just reunited with! Dont you know how much she suffered when she left us all these years Yet, youre now blaming her for being uncouth Do you have a heart, Su Zheng”


Tears fell from her eyes.

“The reason why she ended up like that was all because of our carelessness back then! Was that something that she could have decided for herself”


Parents cared about their children, and a mother was always the one who understood her childrens difficulties.

Su Zheng didnt expect his actions to make Kong Yue sad.

He sighed.

“Shes the daughter of the Su family.

Even if shes wandering outside, she shouldnt have degraded herself to this extent.

Why are you crying”

As he spoke, he took a tissue and handed it to Kong Yue.

Kong Yue suddenly took it and said, “My heart aches for my daughter!”

When Su Yan returned home, she saw her mother crying in the living room.

She quickly asked, “Whats wrong”

She glanced at the document bag on the table.

“What is this”

Kong Yue pushed her aside and said, “Its nothing.

Dont worry about it.

Go to the kitchen and help me check on dinner please.”

Su Yan looked at Kong Yue suspiciously.

There must be something wrong.

What was in the document bag, and why was she so protective of it However, she still agreed obediently, “Alright, Ill go and take a look.”

Kong Yue wiped her tears and pulled Su Zheng up.

“Lets go to our room.” Su Zheng slowly stood up and followed her upstairs.

Su Yan looked at the item in Kong Yues hand and narrowed her eyes.

Su Rui went to Qingbaos base today, but he didnt manage to find anything.

Qingbaos manager was almost tearful as he said, “We really dont know who that woman is.

Only Sang Ning seems to be familiar with her.”

Su Rui returned to his teams base and instructed his team members to inform him immediately if they met Sang Ning.

He didnt believe that this woman could be so mysterious that he couldnt dig up anything about her.

When it was time for dinner, everyone was present.

Su Rui and Su Xing had both returned.

The two men looked at each other silently and saw smiles in each others eyes.

“Qingqing, eat this.” Su Rui picked up a piece of pork rib for Su Qing and placed it in her bowl.

Su Qing glanced at him.

Why did her Second Brother take the food for her Didnt he know that she was mysophobic “I can do it myself.”

She frowned and stared at Su Rui with her big eyes.


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