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Huo Qi was getting more and more strange.

When he first got into the car, he was clearly in a good mood.

Why did he become sullen so suddenly

Was Huo Qi jealous, just as Mu Zi had said What was jealousy Su Qing could not understand.

Seeing her puzzled look, Huo Qi took a deep breath and said slowly, “I mean, I dont like those people being so close to you.

You have to stay away from them.

Youre my fiancée now.

My request isnt too much, right”

Huo Feng listened to Huo Qi and Su Qings conversation and silently brought up the privacy barrier.

Huo Feng sighed. This cars design is great! I can stay out of the war zone!

Su Qing looked at him and frowned unhappily.

She said coldly, “I remember telling you many times that I wont marry you! Dont use your ridiculous requests to restrain me.

What I want to do and how I want to do it are all my own matters!”

Huo Qi felt like a basin of boiling hot water had been poured into the Arctic Ocean and was instantly assimilated by the cold seawater.

It was so cold that icicles were falling off!

He was the basin of hot water, and Su Qing was the cold Arctic Ocean! Huo Qi felt the wound on his back begin to hurt again, and so did his dislocated arm.

However, he only looked at her from the corner of his eye and did not say anything else.

The atmosphere between the two of them instantly turned cold.

Perhaps it was because the environment in the car was too quiet, Su Qing heard Huo Qis heavier breathing than usual.

Huo Qi was still an injured person!

Su Qing recalled what happened at the Motian Building that day.

Huo Qi had also been shot by that terrorist in order to save her.

Speaking of which, she had yet to thank him.

She did have a lower EQ, but she was not an ungrateful person.

“I havent had the chance to thank you for what happened at the Motian Building that day.

If you need my help with anything, you can tell me directly,” Su Qing said expressionlessly.

They had never discussed that matter since that day, let alone talk about gratitude over the matter.

Huo Qi had never mentioned anything at all.

Su Qing looked at Huo Qi and thought to herself, This was a little unlike Huo Qis usual style.

With his personality, he should have taken the opportunity toblackmail her! 

Huo Qi glanced at Su Qing, his face still expressionless.

He didnt seem to care about Su Qings words.

As if he finally couldnt stand the pain in his wound, Huo Qi reached into his pocket and took out a bottle of painkillers.

After opening the lid, he poured out a few pills and swallowed them.

For some reason, he didnt even bother to drink water to wash down the pills.

Su Qing frowned slightly when she saw this.

She reached out for the water bottle beside her and handed it to Huo Qi.

Was there something wrong with this persons brain

Su Qing thought so and asked, “Is there something wrong with your brain”

Huo Qi paused for a few seconds before reaching out to take the water from Su Qing.

After taking a sip, he said, “Im not sick in the head! This illness grows in the heart.

Its called not being able to get what I want, having difficulties that I cant explain, and my wife is a wooden blockhead! Im about to die from discomfort! But youre the one whos scolding me for being sick in the head! Su Qing, you have no heart!”


The sullen expression on a certain underworld overlords face was so vivid and depressing that even Su Qing found it novel.

What was Huo Qi up to this time

Or perhaps it was because Su Qings insult that made him feel too aggrieved, but Huo Qi directly started talking.

“Im so worried! Look at you, little girl.

Why dont you understand me Ive made it clear that I like you.

Why havent you understood Did I save you because I wanted anything in return No! I was afraid that you would be hurt, my heart would ache for you, and I would pity you! I might not be a good person, but Ive always been sincere to you! Its fine if you dont like me now, but you cant just push me away like that!”

As Huo Qi spoke, he approached Su Qing emotionally.

He reached out and grabbed Su Qings wrist, his eyes filled with indignation and resentment.

Fortunately, Huo Feng had just pulled up the isolation layer.

The front and back seats were separated, so neither the driver nor Huo Feng could hear him talking.

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