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Huo Qi spoke with a smile, but the smile did not reach his eyes.

Zhou Ling and Bai Ming, who were being glared at by him, felt their bodies turn cold.

A sense of danger slowly rose from their hearts.

“Qingqing, you sure know how to enjoy yourself! The seniors who ate supper with you are all so handsome, and you seemed really happy tonight.

Ive been watching you guys for a long time.

Not only did you not notice anything, but youve also been chatting and laughing with them.

I didnt dare to disturb you.”

Huo Qi looked straight at Su Qing with a fake smile on his cold face.

The handsome Zhou Ling and Bai Ming were speechless.

Zhou Ling looked at this scene in a daze and felt a little strange.

Why was there a bitter smell in the air

Su Qing looked at Huo Qi in confusion. What was this man trying to do Why was he being so sarcastic

“What are you trying to say” Su Qing asked.

Su Qing did not understand the feelings and ambiguity between men and women, but Wu Mu did.

She tried her best to hold it in, but she could not help but laugh out loud!

“Im sorry, I didnt mean to laugh.” After Wu Mu laughed, she quickly apologized because of the dark face of a certain underworld overlord.

Wu Mu couldnt stop laughing.

This was the first time she had seen someone being jealous of Su Qing with so many other men.

“Young Master Huo, youre jealous, and you should have said it directly.

Otherwise, Su Qing wouldnt know,” Wu Mu said mischievously.

Huo Qi looked at her and actually smiled after a while.

His voice was clear and superior.

“What you said makes sense.”

As he spoke, he looked at Su Qing again and asked with a smile, “Qingqing, do you understand now”

Su Qing was a little speechless.

Was Huo Qi too free Or was she too free She actually stopped to listen to Huo Qis nonsense just now.

She might as well have just left.

It was truly a waste of time.

Su Qing turned around and was about to leave when Huo Qi hurriedly asked her to stay.

He smiled bitterly and said, “Alright, alright, alright! I wont tease you anymore! Dont you want to know more about your Senior Bai”

Su Qing paused and turned to look at Huo Qi.

She asked coldly, “You know about it Is this matter really related to your Huo family”

“You can say that!” Huo Qi pretended to be deep in thought as he suggested to Su Qing, “How about this Let me send you home! Ill let the people write off the money that Bai Mings father owes! How does that sound You wont lose anything anyway!”

Bai Ming was a little stunned.

What was going on What did sending Su Qing home have to do with the money his father owed Who was this Young Master Huo He seemed to be very familiar with Su Qing and Wu Mu!

Su Qing thought about it and felt that what Huo Qi said made sense.

It was not a loss to her anyway, and she could even help Bai Ming.

Moreover, it was getting late.

If Huo Qi sent her back, she wouldnt have to trouble Teacher Zhou, so why not

Su Qing glanced at Huo Qi and nodded.


Then, she turned to look at Zhou Ling and Zhou Jing.

“Its getting late.

Teacher Zhou, the seniors and you should hurry back.”

“What about me Arent you coming back to school with me” Wu Mu asked.

Why hadnt she realized that Su Qing had the ability to forget her friends after seeing a certain someone

If Su Qing knew what Wu Mu was thinking, she would definitely roll her eyes.

Su Qing looked at her and explained simply, “I promised my mom that I would go home.

You can go back on your own.”

Realizing that Wu Mu was looking at Huo Qi and her strangely, she said, “What else do you want to say”

Wu Mu subconsciously shook his head because Huo Qis cold gaze had already landed on her.

Love was blossoming.

How could she be the one to stop it

Huo Feng looked at Wu Mu, Zhou Ling, and the others who had left and heaved a sigh of relief.

It seemed quite difficult for their young master to chat with Young Madam alone.

Looking at Su Qing sitting beside him, Huo Qi smiled.

He was quite happy that Su Qing agreed to his suggestion.

However, when he thought of the scene just now, his expression suddenly became a little serious.

“Can you stay away from other men in the future”

Su Qing turned to look at him and asked as if she was confused, “What”

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