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When Wu Mu heard this, she immediately turned her head to look.

There was an alley not far from where they had just eaten.

The alley was very spacious, and there were several black luxury cars parked there!

This did not seem normal.

Wu Mus nerves immediately tensed up.

She asked softly, “Are you suspecting that they are those hooligans They dont look like it! Can debt collectors drive such good cars these days”

Listening to Wu Mus questions and complaints, Su Qing turned around and took a few serious looks.

Only then did she realize that the leading car looked familiar.

Su Qing stopped in her tracks and frowned slightly.

She muttered to herself, “What is he doing here”

Zhou Ling was walking beside Su Qing.

Seeing that she suddenly stopped moving, he hurriedly said, “Dont stop! Those cars dont look friendly.

We have to leave this place quickly!”

Su Qing glanced at Zhou Ling.

“I recognize that car.

Its fine.”

That was the car that Huo Qi had driven when he first saved her. Could it be that Huo Qi was also nearby What was he doing here Did he follow her again Su Qing frowned and thought.

Bai Ming and Zhou Jing were a few steps behind and did not hear Su Qings words.

Bai Ming took a few steps forward and looked back at the cars over there.

He was a little uneasy and panicked.

“That group of people has indeed always been arrogant.

Ive already called the police several times before! But every time the police come over, theyre just going through the motions and not punishing them! Im very grateful to you for helping me this time, but will this cause you any trouble Im really sorry!”

He looked down guiltily, feeling frustrated and sad.

Wu Mu glanced at him and smiled to comfort him.

“Its alright, Senior.

Teacher Zhou is with us today.

We will definitely help you resolve this matter!”

Su Qing nodded silently.

Helping Bai Ming was a small matter.

What she was more curious about now was something else.

Su Qing stood still, her eyes still fixed on the car.

In the next second, Su Qing was no longer surprised when she saw Huo Feng pushing Huo Qi out of the car.

When Wu Mu saw who it was, she was a little stunned.

She muttered in confusion, “Young Master Huo” As she spoke, she turned to look at Su Qing and continued, “Qingqing! Why is he here”

Seeing that Su Qing was expressionless and did not speak, Wu Mu continued to ask, “That group of people just now ran in that direction.

Could they be in cahoots with Huo Qi”

Su Qing shook her head.

She did not know what was going on either.

She thought to herself, Could it be that the underworld forces under Huo Qi were already involved in the field of debt chasing Wasnt this a little too down-to-earth 

Huo Qi was surrounded by many bodyguards in black suits.

They were all tall and long-legged, and their auras did not seem like ordinary bodyguards.

Zhou Ling and Zhou Jings expressions changed when they saw this.

Zhou Ling saw that Huo Qi was looking straight at Su Qing, so he turned his head and asked curiously, “Su Qing, do you know him”

Two steps away, the smile on Huo Qis lips suddenly widened.

He looked at Su Qing and chuckled.

“Little girl, seriously! You clearly said that you didnt have time to meet me, your fiancé, but you turned around and had fun with them here.

If Huo Feng hadnt seen you just now, I would have thought that I was mistaken! What are you doing here”

Su Qing looked at him expressionlessly and said indifferently, “I can do whatever I want! What does it have to do with you What are you doing here Are you following me”

When Zhou Ling heard Huo Qis words, he finally reacted.

Among the famous families in City B, only the current head of the Huo family could claim to be Su Qings fiancé, and that was Huo Qi!

Of course, only he could have such an aura and extravagance.

However, Su Qings attitude towards Huo Qi did not seem very friendly.

Huo Qi was not angry when he heard Su Qings cold words.

He smiled and said, “Following you Thats really not the case this time.

Im here to catch a traitor in the gang.

It was really a coincidence that I met you here.”

As he spoke, he turned his head to look at Zhou Jing and Bai Ming on Su Qings right, and his eyes slowly darkened.

“Floyd is indeed a top university in the country.

Are all the students so good-looking”

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