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Zhou Ling looked across warily and said coldly, “Id advise you to leave this place quickly.

If you dont, Ill really call the police!”

If these hooligans were really afraid of this, they wouldnt have appeared here so brazenly.

They only dared to be so arrogant because they had someone backing them.

“Go ahead and report it! Do you think I grew up being a scaredy-cat”

“Brother, they look like fools! If we gangsters are afraid of the police, why are we still working as gangsters”


“Big Brother, look at those two beauties over there! I think not only can we get this money back tonight, we can also treat these two beauties to drinks with us! Hahaha!”

Wu Mu could not sit still as she listened to their disgusting discussion.

She threw away the chopsticks in her hand and stood up before lashing out, “Your mouth is wide open, arent you afraid that the wind will cause your tongue to shrivel Do you think you have the qualifications to have any ill intentions against us Isnt it good to be alive Are you that desperate to die”

Seeing that the situation was getting out of hand, Bai Ming was so worried that he wanted to say something else, but he was interrupted by the quick-witted Wu Mu.

“You dont have to say anything, Senior Bai Ming.

Dont be afraid! With us around today, we wont let them bully you.

Su Qing and I are very good at fighting!”

Zhou Ling glanced at Wu Mu and Su Qing but said nothing.

The hooligans felt that they had been provoked.

A fierce glint appeared in their eyes as they cursed loudly, “B*tch! Ill beat you until your f*cking mothers wont recognize you later.

Lets see if you can still be arrogant… Ah!”

As soon as the leader finished speaking, a plate of chili oil flew out of Su Qings hand and was stuck to his face.

“F*ck! Bitch, what did you throw at me” His eyes stung, and he didnt forget to instruct the men who had come with him.

“Brothers, come on.

There are only a few of them.

Theyre no match for us!”

A chaotic battle was about to break out.

Zhou Ling did not even have the time to shout at Su Qing for being rash before he was stunned by Su Qings fierce martial arts techniques.

He stopped in his tracks.

The five burly men who were charging at Su Qing were punched in the chin by Su Qing and immediately fell to the ground.


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