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Zhou Ling turned around and looked at Su Qing and Wu Mu.

He said in amusement, “I reckon the two of you have never been to such a place before.

Just treat it as your first time experiencing life!”

As he spoke, he looked at Su Qing.

“Especially you! You should experience all kinds of fun in life.

I keep feeling that youre too cold and seem out of place in this world.

Thats not good! There are many beautiful things in the world.

You can take a closer look at them.”

Perhaps it had something to do with Zhou Lings interest in art, but he had always been more sensitive to the circumstances of others, but he was definitely not the kind of person who would just wallow in his own sorrows.

He was filled with confidence and understood himself and the people around him.

This should be the reason why he could tell that Su Qing was special at a glance!

When Su Qing heard Zhou Lings words, a strange feeling suddenly rose in her heart.

Before Su Qing could clear her thoughts, the stall owner came up with a few large plates of delicious food.

Looking at the spicy and fragrant crayfish in the basin and the various skewers, Wu Mus eyes lit up.

They looked so delicious!

Bai Ming, who did not even say a word after sitting down, had a bright expression.

Sure enough, only food and time would never disappoint anyone in this world.

Zhou Ling waved his hand and said, “Lets start!”

Everyone began to put on gloves and peel the crayfish apart.

Wu Mu was very good at it.

She imitated Zhou Jings actions and quickly mastered the joy of quickly peeling crayfish.

Su Qing was infected by the atmosphere and chuckled before starting to attack the food.

Just like that, Su Qing and Wu Mu, whose eyes were shining, wanted to swallow their tongues as they ate the crayfish that had only been stir-fried with simple ingredients.

The night was very cool, and the lively alley carried the unique smoke of this world.

The people around her were not noisy, and Su Qing felt very comfortable.

She liked this atmosphere.

Suddenly, behind them, sounds of tables being pushed and bowls being smashed could be heard.

Then a group of people rushed towards them.

“Bai Ming! You dont have the money to repay your fathers debt, but you have the money to eat delicious food here, right”

“Yo! You even ordered two big pots of crayfishes Youre rich, arent you”

“These are your classmates from your prestigious school, right They look very rich! Why dont you get them to return the money for you!”

“Thats right! Look, they dont seem like people who lack money.

Youre classmates, so its only right for you to help each other!”

A dozen thugs had gathered around the table and were sizing them up.

This was how life was.

Often, when you had just experienced some peace in this world, there would always be some shameless people who would jump out and disturb you!

Apart from Su Qing and Zhou Jing, the others at this table turned to look at Bai Ming.

When Bai Ming heard these hooligans teasing, his body involuntarily trembled.

It was not obvious, but Zhou Ling still noticed.

Before Zhou Ling could say anything, Zhou Jing stood up and looked at the people opposite him.

The bright expression on his face had already disappeared.

“Are you the people who have been harassing Bai Ming recently”

Bai Ming also stood up.

He pulled Zhou Jings sleeve and said coldly, “This has nothing to do with you.

Ill settle it myself.

You guys should eat first!”

He turned to leave as he spoke.

How could Zhou Ling let Bai Ming leave just like that These people were obviously coming for him!

Bai Ming was a child with a hard life.

Zhou Ling had also learned a little about his background from Zhou Jing.

Since they had encountered this today, they could not ignore it.

They could not let these people bully Bai Ming!

“The Bai family is the one who owes you money, so go and look for them! Why are you making things difficult for a poor student” Zhou Ling stood up and grabbed Bai Mings wrist.

Zhou Jing quickly blocked Bai Ming behind him and looked coldly at the hooligans.

When the leader of the hooligans heard this, he spat on the ground.

“If we had any other way, we wouldnt be here! His father owes us more than 100,000 yuan and is drunk all day.

We didnt kill him and only came to ask his son for money, so were already very well-behaved! You look rich.

Why dont you help him pay off his debt”

Su Qing quietly finished the roasted meat in her hand before looking up at Bai Ming.

She was very familiar with the pride and stubbornness on Bai Mings face.

It was very fragile and worthless, but it seemed that all young people had such backbone.

She had seen it in her past self.

“Uncle, I think we should just call the police! These people are scoundrels,” Zhou Jing suggested.

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