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When Su Qing sang the first line, she also intuitively felt the vigorous vitality contained in this song and its power to warm ones heart.

Zhou Ling was a very talented person.

His talent in composition and lyrics was something that even those who called themselves masters in the entertainment industry could not match.

Zhou Ling wore earphones and sat beside the tunesmith to listen.

He was very satisfied with Su Qings voice, but she sang it once, he still stopped her.

Zhou Ling pointed at the first and middle parts of the score and said to Su Qing, “Actually, your singing technique is already very perfect, but your control of your voice is too tight and precise, and the emotions are not very real! Try to invest more emotions, the kind that comes from the heart! Think about those things that make you feel warm.”

Su Qing could understand what Zhou Ling was saying.

She tried to slowly find the feeling that Zhou Ling was talking about.

She was thinking about Kong Yue, her five brothers, and even Huo Qi!

Zhou Jing sat at the side and listened attentively to his uncle and Su Qings conversation.

He felt that these two people were really interesting.

They were like old friends who had known each other for many years.

As long as one party made a little suggestion, the other party would quickly feel and react.

Could their relationship be described as an old friend Or a confidant

Zhou Jing looked at Su Qing and Zhou Ling in a daze.

He also thought of his good friends, and decided that a more accurate term for them were friends from their souls.

As expected, after Zhou Lings guidance, Su Qings condition improved a lot.

The tunesmith looked at the perfect track and felt that he had found the easiest job of his career.

Su Qings voice was too pleasant and perfect!

The tunesmith tugged at Zhou Lings sleeve and watched him take off one of his earphones before saying, “I finally know why you chose to wait for her to sing this song!”

Zhou Ling smiled.

“Why is that so”

“Shes the only one whos suitable! The passion she expressed was not over the top, and the sadness she sang was not to the point of devastation.

And this is what Zhou Jing wants to express! Zhou Jing and her are very compatible!”

As the tunesmith spoke, he gave him a thumbs up.

He really admired Zhou Lings choice of people, and even more so, he admired Su Qings unexpected singing skills and her ability to get into character almost instantly!

However, there were times when even the tunesmith felt that Zhou Ling was being too picky.

When Su Qing sang it once previously, it was already perfect.

Zhou Ling was just too much of a perfectionist!

Perhaps it was because it was rare to meet a talent like Su Qing, it was inevitable that people would raise their standards and expectations of her because everyone knew that she could do it.

When Bai Ming came to the recording studio at Zhou Jings invitation, Su Qing had already finished recording.

She had actually met Senior Bai Ming before, but the two of them were reticent, so they might not have spoken more than three sentences in total.

The recording was completed very smoothly.

Zhou Lings mood could only be described as extremely jubilant.

He looked at the time and it was not too late.

He suggested, “Lets go for supper! Itll be my treat! Its been hard on Su Qing today!”

Wu Mu and Zhou Jing naturally would not refuse.

Wu Mu was Su Qings plus one today, and she could get free food and drinks without doing anything.

Naturally, she was happy.

Today, her good friend was recording Zhou Jings dance accompaniment, so she had “sacrificed” her time for this.

Everyone looked at Su Qing.

Su Qing thought for a moment.

She was indeed a little hungry, so she nodded in agreement.

Bai Ming glanced at Zhou Jing and was about to say something when Zhou Jing interrupted him.

“Just come with me!”

Bai Ming was helpless.

He chuckled and nodded in agreement.

By the roadside, at a barbecue stall.

Su Qing looked at this down-to-earth supper place and stared blankly at Zhou Ling and Wu Mu.

“Boss! Give me two sets as usual!” Zhou Ling sat on a chair and turned his head to shout at the barbecue boss in the shop.

Zhou Jing looked at Su Qings obviously stunned expression and explained with a smile, “My uncle likes to come here to eat when hes free.

Dont worry! This stall is very clean and hygienic.

Ive eaten it twice.

Its very delicious.”

When Su Qing heard Zhou Jings words, she turned to look at him.

It was not that she felt that it was unclean, but she felt that this feeling was very novel and that this experience was not bad.

Wu Mu was even more excited.

In the past, her parents and master had been strict at home.

Like Su Qing, she had never eaten such an open-air barbecue stall outside!

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