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Wu Mu was standing at the door with her hand raised, but she did not know if she should lower it or knock on the door.

She stood there awkwardly.

She then turned to look at Su Qing, who was behind her, and the two of them looked at each other.

Su Qing didnt care about the awkwardness.

She only cared about doing her own thing.

Su Qing took a step inside and looked at Zhou Ling.

“Teacher Zhou, are we leaving now”

Zhou Ling turned around and looked at her.

A smile immediately bloomed on his face.

“Ill be done soon.

The two of you can come in first.”

Su Qing nodded quickly and walked to Zhou Lings side.

Wu Mu followed behind her and greeted Zhou Ling with a smile.

Zhou Ling glanced at Wu Mu and chuckled.

“Wu Mu, are you going too”

“I havent seen the recording venue yet.

I want to take a look so that I can come back with Qingqing tonight,” Wu Mu replied with a smile.

Zhou Ling nodded and felt that this was quite good.

He didnt know what time it would be when recording ended.

If he came back late, he would be more at ease if Su Qing had Wu Mu to accompany her.

Zhou Ling had made an appointment with Su Qing earlier on to sing for Zhou Jing.

If it werent for the fact that Su Qing had applied for leave two days ago and he couldnt catch her, he would have resolved this matter long ago.

Fortunately, he still caught Su Qing today.

Since Su Qing had been away from school for some time, Zhou Ling had to ask her about it.

He held the steering wheel of the car and looked for a way out in the underground parking lot, as he asked, “Su Qing, whats wrong with you recently How long has it been since school started How many times have you taken leave If your mother hadnt specially called to explain to you, I would have thought that you had evaporated from the face of the earth!”

Su Qing looked up at Zhou Ling in the drivers seat and explained calmly, “There have been a lot of things going on at home recently, so I had to skip classes a lot.

I promise that this wont happen again.”

Wu Mu turned her head to look at Su Qing, who was lying without any hesitation, and she lowered her head and secretly laughed.

If she didnt know the truth behind this, she would have believed Su Qings words when she saw her serious and sincere face.

When Zhou Ling heard this, he nodded and said, “Thats good to know! Since youre back in school, you should just follow the curriculum.

This year, the department has invited many masters to be teachers.”

Zhou Ling chatted with them the entire way and felt that time had passed quite quickly.

However, they arrived at the recording venue after a while.

Su Qing looked around the professional recording studio and nodded at Zhou Jing as a greeting.

Zhou Jing walked out and smiled happily at Su Qing.

“I heard from Old Zhou that you were coming to the recording studio, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Thank you.”

Su Qing shook her head and took the drink from Zhou Ling, then said, “Thank you.”

Zhou Ling glared at his nephew and pretended to be stern.

“How rude.

Who are you calling Old Zhou Im your uncle!”

Zhou Jing glanced at Zhou Ling and shrugged his shoulders as he smiled helplessly at Su Qing, as if he could not do anything to his uncle.

Perhaps it was because of his habit of dancing since he was young, but Zhou Jing was very elegant and charming.

He had a very sunny and energetic disposition.

He was as bright as the morning sun, making people feel very comfortable.

Wu Mu looked at Zhou Jings tall and handsome figure and face and was a little stunned!

Senior Zhou Jing was so handsome.

She didnt manage to see him clearly on the stage that day, but she could now!

This man, the hunk of the dance faculty, was indeed worthy of his reputation! Her trip was worth it!

By the time Wu Mu came back to her senses, Zhou Ling had already walked into the recording studio with Su Qing.

Wu Mu found a seat at the side and sat down, before asking in confusion, “Are we starting now”

The tunesmith, who was sitting in front of her, replied with a smile, “Lets try the equipment first.

This tune is quite difficult.

Lets take it slow.”

Wu Mu didnt know much about these things.

Hearing this, she only felt that it was impressive.

She nodded and said, “Its fine.

Our Qingqing is amazing.

She will definitely be able to pick it up very quickly”

The tunesmith smiled but said nothing.

This song was written by Teacher Zhou himself, and it was very difficult.

This beauty seemed to be a little too confident in her friend.

However, when Su Qing put on her earphones and stood in front of the microphone to sing the first line of the lyrics, the tunesmith was so stunned that his jaw dropped.

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