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The doctor took a look at the wound on Huo Qis shoulder and saw that it was healing very well.

He said respectfully to Huo Qi, “Young Master, youre still young.

The wound is healing very well.

You should be able to get out of bed after resting for a few more days.”

Huo Qi slowly sat up with the help of the nurse.

He glanced at the doctor and nodded.

“I understand.

You may leave.”

The doctor and nurse turned around and left.

Huo Qi looked at Huo Feng and said, “Continue.”

“Yes, Young Master! This is Young Madams class schedule.

She has classes today and tomorrow, but no classes on Friday, which is the day after tomorrow,” Huo Feng reported.

He had never been in a serious relationship before, so he didnt know that he had to check a girls class schedule to woo her.

Their young master was the overlord of B Citys underworld.

Why was he so down-to-earth when chasing after Young Madam Would he go to the school gate to wait for her

Huo Feng was thinking about these things inside, but his eyes were on Huo Qi.

Their young master was flipping through the schedule in his hand!

He thought for a moment and reminded his master, “Young Master, the most important thing now is to recuperate from your injuries first! Young Madam is in school, so she wont run away.”

Huo Qi stopped what he was doing and looked up at him.

He said calmly, “You keep calling her Young Madam…”

Huo Feng panicked.

Was Young Master dissatisfied again Had he offended Young Master again Huo Feng hurriedly explained, “Young Master! I made a mistake!”

However, before he could finish letting his imagination run wild, Huo Qis next words stunned him.

“I like it very much.

In the future, you can call her that at home or in private! However, dont call her that when shes around.

From what I know of her, if you dare to address her as that, Im afraid you wont be able to withstand a punch from her and will implicate me!”

Huo Feng was speechless.

“Alright, Young Master! Even if I get beaten up, I definitely wont implicate you!” Huo Feng said with a solemn look on his face.

Huo Qi smiled and did not say anything.

He was actually really kind enough to remind Huo Feng.

After all, given Miss Sus martial strength, they should not provoke her so easily.


Huo Feng looked at his young masters uncontrollable smile and the happy expression on his face.

He suddenly felt a little helpless.

Oh no! Young Master seems to be showing signs of doting on his wife!


At Floyd University.

Zhou Ling had just returned to his office, the office of the head of the Directing School, from class.

He had just put down his laptop and sat down when he was asked by a few other teachers in the same office.

“Eh Teacher Zhou, are you done with class”

“Teacher Zhou is such a busy person! Havent you been busy with the dance competition next door recently”

“Its really difficult to be someone so talented and capable.

Not only does Teacher Zhou have to deal with the students from the directing department, he is also involved in the competitions of other departments.

Its really tough on him!”

“No wonder its rare to see Teacher Zhou around.”

Zhou Ling had become a department head at a young age; naturally, many other teachers were jealous of him.

However, they could only make sarcastic remarks, and when it came to real skills, they were nothing compared to him!

He had been very busy today, and he only came back to his senses after hearing their nonsense.

An inconspicuous mocking smile appeared on his lips.

“Thats right.

I was so worried about the competition for a few of the dance departments students that I couldnt sleep the entire night.

Im not like the few of you, who are very relaxed all day long! The results of your students in the class have become so terrible, but you dont even care.”

When these teachers heard this, their faces darkened and they questioned, “Zhou Ling, what do you mean”

“Dont you understand what I mean” Zhou Ling pretended to ask innocently and continued, “I advise everyone to take care of your own charges first! Didnt the principal set his goals for the next semester during the last meeting How much have you completed You only know how to gossip and badmouth others all day.

Dont you feel tired!”

Of course, Zhou Ling was not someone to be bullied.

He was often not in the office, so these people thought that he was easy to bully.

“Zhou Ling, you…” One of the teachers was still a little unconvinced and even clamored to argue with Zhou Ling, but he was pulled back by the others beside him.

The man gestured at him with his eyes.

They were in the office, and there were students standing outside the door! If things got out of hand, it would be difficult to explain themselves!

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