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After Su Qing finished mocking Yuan Yang, she continued, “My mother made this.

She guessed that the two of you must not have had breakfast since you came over so early, so she specially asked me to bring it for you.”

When Yuan Yang heard this, his eyes lit up.

It was good that it wasnt Su Qings dark cuisine.

Back when he was with the Yuan family, he had been tricked by Su Qing many times!

“Auntie is the best! Thank you, Auntie!” Yuan Yang took a bite and praised Kong Yue.

Wu Mu also took a bite and snorted at Yuan Yang.

She complained, “Bootlicker.”

The skies were clear, and the sun was bright and warm as it shone on the people.

The Su familys security guards looked at the young master and young mistresses who were chatting and teasing each other outside the door.

They suddenly felt a sense of peace in their hearts.

While waiting for the two of them to eat breakfast, Su Qing suddenly remembered what Yuan Cheng had told her last night.

She glanced at Wu Mu and Yuan Yang and said softly, “By the way, Third Master asked us to find some time to go over.

Hell cook something delicious for us.”

Yuan Yang nodded.

He was still eating when he said to Su Qing, “Yes! Uncle has also told me that we should go this weekend.

Anyway, theyre not in a hurry to return to the old residence.”

Wu Mu thought for a moment and nodded.

“I think so.”

Su Qing had no objections, as long as the two of them had decided.

At the Su residence.

Su Qian woke up a little late today, so he didnt see Su Qing at the dining table.

He yawned and asked Kong Yue, “Mom, did Qingqing go for her morning exercise today Has her injury healed”

Su Rui had already finished his breakfast.

He took a tissue and wiped his mouth, then stood up and walked behind Su Qian.

He slapped the back of his fluffy head.

“If you dont want to use your head, you can donate it.”

Su Qian cried out in pain and looked up at him abruptly.

He said anxiously, “Second Brother, what are you doing Why did you hit me”

“I saw that you werent awake, so I wanted to help you!” Su Rui smiled evilly and said, “Our sister just got injured yesterday, and now she can go for her morning exercise today Would she have recovered already Do you think she is a god!”

Su Qian looked at Su Rui angrily and said, “Just talk! Why must you hit me” As he spoke, he turned to look at Kong Yue and complained, “Mom, look at Second Brother.

How could he hit someone”

Kong Yue glared at Su Rui and said, “Enough! There are so many people already, but youre still fooling around all day.

What are you doing”

As Kong Yue spoke, she looked at Su Qian and pretended to be angry.

“And you! Even your sister isnt as childish as you.

How can you complain so easily Are you a child”

“Mom, you…” Su Qian couldnt complain, because he was reprimanded by Kong Yue.

He was a little dissatisfied, and he pursed his lips as he ate his breakfast.

After some thought, he couldnt help but mutter,” Then, who can accept that his sister is a genius agent overnight! I just feel that theres nothing wrong with her being a superhero! Qingqing is already so powerful, so whats a small injury to her! The last time she had a fever, she still got up early in the morning to run!”

Kong Yue couldnt be bothered with her youngest sons childish words.

He was just a little talkative, but he didnt have any selfish motives.

He was also extremely good to Su Qing.

It was just that she didnt know when Su Qians clingy, coquettish, and playful personality would be contagious.

At the mention of this, Kong Yue couldnt help but feel a little sad.

Wasnt it them who had caused their child to become like this!

If only Su Qing hadnt gotten lost back then! How long would it take for Su Qing, who was away for so many years, to become like her brothers She would probably never be able to let go of this guilt and heartache!

Su Zheng looked at the silent Kong Yue and knew that she was letting her imagination run wild again.

He reached out and squeezed her shoulder, comforting her, “Dont think too much.

Qingqing still has to come home tonight, right Make some delicious food and wait for her at home.”

When Kong Yue heard this, she smiled lightly and nodded slowly.

At the Huo residence.

In the spacious and luxurious master bedroom on the second floor, Huo Qi was lying on the bed topless with the dressing on his muscular upper body being changed by the doctor!

Huo Feng stood at the side, holding Su Qings class schedule in his hand.

He was reporting to Huo Qi about Su Qings schedule for today.

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