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Shopping with others could be a terrifying experience.

At this moment, Su Qing witnessed how true this statement was, especially when it came to shopping with her mother.

Looking at the excited and happy Kong Yue, the words of rejection she was about to say got stuck in her throat.

“Qingqing, do you like this dress” Kong Yue asked Su Qing, who was sitting on the couch in the shop.

Su Qing looked up at her mother and frowned slightly.

“Is there a difference between this one and the one just now I cant wear so many anyway.

Lets just go home.”

Kong Yue looked at her bitter expression and smiled lightly.

“As a woman, theres never too much when it comes to clothes.

With Mommy around today, you can buy as many outfits as you want.”

Su Qing took the clothes from her and placed them aside.

“Im hungry.

Why dont we go and eat first” The smart girl had already learned how to divert her mothers attention.

Kong Yue looked at the time and said in surprise, “Weve shopped for so long I lost track of the time.”

Looking at Su Qing, she smiled and said, “Your eldest brother has already sent someone over to tell us to meet him for lunch.

I almost forgot about that.

Lets go.”

Su Qing nodded.

As long as she could avoid trying on new clothes, she would do anything.

Su Xings assistant knocked on his door and said respectfully, “President Su, your mother is already here.”

Su Xing looked at the wall clock and closed the folder in his hands.

“Got it.

You guys should go and eat too.”

His assistant looked at him gratefully.

They had been busy all morning, and everyone was indeed tired.

The Su familys mall was the largest in the city.

There were also many good restaurants inside, so Su Xing made a reservation at a famous restaurant there.

“Son, over here!” Kong Yue called softly when she saw Su Xing walk out of his office.

As Su Xing walked over, he buttoned his unbuttoned suit jacket.

“Lets go.

Ive already reserved a table.

We can just go over to the restaurant directly.”

Su Xing had a tall and muscular build, and he looked mature and charming.

Perhaps it was because he was the eldest son of the family, so he looked much more composed than Su Rui.

Kong Yue went forward and pulled his hand.

“Come over here!”

She turned around to look at Su Qing with a gentle expression.

“Qingqing, this is your elder brother, Su Xing.”

Su Qing looked at him and greeted him with a nod.

Kong Yue was a little disappointed when she noticed that Su Qing still refused to address her family.

She comforted herself silently, Dont be anxious.

Su Qing had just returned to this family, so lets just give her more time to adapt to her many brothers.

Su Xing smiled slowly and broke the awkwardness first.

“Do you like Western food” He asked Su Qing gently, and slowly walked out of the office with the two women.

Su Qing looked at his side profile and replied, “Im fine with that.”

After a delicious lunch, Kong Yue realized that Su Qing and Su Xing got along very well and naturally.

It was as though she was the odd one out sitting between them.

Even though she was worried that Su Qing wouldnt get along with her brothers, when she saw Su Xing hand her a cup of water naturally, she knew that her worries were unfounded.

“Do you still have anything on this afternoon Why dont we go home together The helper made a lot of delicious food today,” Kong Yue said to Su Xing.

Su Xing took the handkerchief and wiped his mouth gently.

“I still have to deal with some matters.

Ill return home earlier tonight.”

Kong Yue nodded and said to Su Qing with a smile, “Your eldest brother is the busiest person in our family.

Every time we want to have a meal with him, we have to wait until hes free.”

“Alright, I understand.

Ill definitely go home and eat with Dad and you more often.” Su Xing smiled with a warm and gentle expression.

His mature charm made the young lady sitting at the side giggle.

The private room where they were eating was very quiet, so her voice was very obvious.

Su Qing looked at her mother, then at her eldest brothers handsome face.

She seemed to have understood something, and nodded slightly.

Su Xing looked at her expression amusedly.

“Why are you nodding”

“Youre indeed good-looking.

She has good taste,” Su Qing said seriously, as though she had made a major discovery.

Su Xing didnt expect her to say that.

He was stunned for a moment before chuckling softly.

“Alright, Ill take it as a compliment.”

Kong Yue was also amused by Su Qings serious expression.

“If you think hes handsome, you should meet your fifth brother.

Hes the one whos really good-looking!” The happy madam took out her phone and pointed at her wallpaper.

“This is your fifth brother, Su Qian! Hes a famous celebrity!”


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